Michel Roux Jr.’s stunning Brexit U-turn. He demanded UK ‘make EU exit work’

The 61-year-old chef returns to screens today as he appears on Channel 4‘s flagship morning show Sunday Brunch. He will be sharing his latest cooking techniques with viewers and discussing what he is up to. The London-based two Michelin star chef will also appear on the show. He is well-known for his outspokenness, especially when it comes to issues in the kitchen. In 2016, he made clear his opinions on Brexit.

He believed the UK would be more powerful within the bloc and expressed his disappointment at the outcome of the election.

Michel has a strong connection to Europe through his father Albert Roux. He was a famed French chef and co-founded Le Gavroche in 1967 with his brother.

Albert was made a star by the restaurant and is often credited for changing how Britons eat their food.

In 1982, it also became a landmark when London’s first Michelin-starred restaurant was awarded.

Michel, however, argued that it was the right time for Brexit to unify the country after Leave defeated Remain in the referendum campaign.

The British-born chef explained to Tania Bryer, CNBC Conversation’s Tania Briyer, why the UK had a great opportunity to take advantage of EU exclusion.

He stated: “Now, I believe is the right time (for all) of us in Britain-regardless of whether you voted to remain or leave–to get together and do this work.

It can, I believe. It is possible.

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He said: “I believe the current Government is strong, and I believe the total reshuffle that occurred is in the best interest of the country.

“I believe the right people have been appointed. It’s now a matter of time and renegotiations. This will take some time.

It will likely take more than 2 or 3 years, but once we get there I believe that Britain will emerge. Perhaps even more.

Michel’s family was devastated to hear that Albert, at 85 years old, had died.

Many chefs from around the world paid tribute to Albert, including James Martin, who stated that it was a sad start to the year and added that Albert was a true titan of the country’s food scene and instilled and trained many of the most renowned names in the industry.

He posted an emotion-filled message, concluding: “RIP. Today I will open a wine of the best red and raise a toast… actually the bottle to your brother and thank you for all that you have done.” All Roux friends and family, my thoughts.

Michel paid tribute to his dad by noting that he was “a mentor for many people in hospitality, and a real inspirational to budding chefs.

Sunday Brunch is today on Channel 4 at 9.30 am

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