Nestflix is a fake streaming site for fiction. Shows from TV and movies

The Horsin’ About. Sunrise Bay. __S.2__

A “nested story” is the technical name for a fake program within a TV show. We will not be able to see them all, and they are many in number. Lynn Fisher is an artist and web designer. Her website has become a toy for fans of pop culture and provides a peek at what streaming services might look like. Nestflix lists only nested films and shows.

Nestflix’s Fisher is a master of detail. Every entry includes a thumbnail, with appropriate lettering and a brief summary. Then, there is the name of original show, along with the names of those who worked on it.

Credit to Lynn Fisher

Mashable received an email from Fisher stating that she has always loved nested stories. She also stated she “mentally collects” them ever since discovering Angels with Filthy Souls was not a movie. Because of “that level dedicated meta certainly sparked in me something that could make this a real project,” she also made Nestflix after Schitt’s Creek published a fake trailer to Moira Rose’s The Crows Have Eyes 3.

Nestflix has not yet been made a complete site. Fisher received many submissions from people who wanted to include their favourite nested shows on the site. Fisher has only added one suggestion (Lieutenant Diablo Lucifer), at the time of publication. She plans to expand on the 700+ submitted suggestions.

Fisher has also developed a clear rubric that defines what counts as a nested series. She wrote, “I am not adding films and shows that haven’t been seen onscreen.” Many classics are not mentioned or displayed in the background. Unfortunately, many of the Seinfeld classics are just like this.

There’s also the question of shows-within-shows-within-shows (“may include them eventually in a ‘fake fake’ category or something”) and whether or not fake trailers from Saturday Night Live count (“They technically are films/shows within a show, but they aren’t nested within a greater narrative”).

Fisher also has other projects, including a complete list of the foods mentioned in The Good Place. A tool allows you to dress up David Rose wearing any one of his famous outfits from Schitt’s Creek. An interactive list of airports, along with their codes, is another Fisher project. It’s amazing! Fisher said that size and presentation are important aspects of an idea.

It’s the combination of content and presentation that makes it work. Technically, nested films and shows would be just a wiki. But it wouldn’t make for much fun. The combination of the familiar streaming interface and 400+ titles is what makes it unique. It felt real and unique once I gathered all these things.

Nestflix is a great example of how special something does not have to exist. Fisher’s creativity is evident in the existence of Nestflix.

She wrote that “my medium is the internet”, and “so an ideas I have to create a compelling site first and foremost.” It’s easy to get the information presented this way once I have it figured out.

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