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Neville and Souness evaluate title contenders

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Sky Sports’ Gary Neville, and Graeme Souness, assess the expected Premier League title challengers Man City and Man Utd after the first weekend of the new season.

Pogba can inspire Man Utd towards the title

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville :

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Manchester United pulled the strings and drew them apart. Bruno Fernandes was outstanding, as were Paul Pogba. It was an excellent start for Manchester United.

It’s a given that both Fernandes or Pogba will play if they are at Manchester United. However, we expect to see Pogba in the middle of a big three and perhaps a deeper role at Old Trafford for games when teams need him. His chances will be created.

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Paul Pogba became the seventh player in Premier League history to assist four goals in a single game in the competition, after Dennis Bergkamp, Jose Antonio Reyes, Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor, Santi Cazorla and Harry Kane
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Pogba is leaving Manchester United next summer, so Manchester United needs one exceptional season. Pogba is likely to be thrilled by United’s team, but must make a decision: will he commit his future to Manchester United?

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Gary Neville, Micah Richards and Graeme Souness have a heated argument over the future of Paul Pogba

If it is a new contract it will likely be for 3-4 or 5 years. That means that the greatest years of Pogba’s career will come at Manchester United. Paul Pogba is a player who wants to be somewhere else, and this has been obvious for the past couple of years. We were told by his agent that he would take the opportunity.

Is champions City still the best team despite Spurs’ defeat?

Jack Grealish in action for Man City vs Tottenham

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville :

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Manchester City is my favorite city.

“They were amazing for 15 minutes against Spurs and could easily have scored one or two more goals so I don’t worry about them long-term.

They’ll likely win the title, and to be completely honest, if Harry Kane is available, that’s pretty certain. Because once they have the goals in front of them, which was what they had today, they’ll be okay.

The defense will be stronger when John Stones and Kyle Walker return in. It’s impossible to believe that they have so many players who will return in.

Sky Sports’ Graeme Souness:

“City has won 3 leagues over the past 4 years, and have shown great resilience. In the leagues they have won, it hasn’t been easy from beginning to end.

“The league’s winners are those who can deal with downturns, disappointments and injuries.

They have a fantastic squad, and they believe in themselves. Although it was a blow to the face, you can still get up and keep going. That’s City. It’s not hard to see why they should hire someone to help them score 20 goals per season.

Gundogan, your midfielders and other players are your top goal scorers. I feel you’re relying too heavily on them.”

Is Chelsea able to follow the Premier League’s Champions League lead?

Sky Sports’ Graeme Souness:

You know the way Chelsea is under this manager. All of them are getting an excellent tune.

Lukaku’s addition makes them serious title contenders. He will score 20 goals if he keeps fit.

“Werner is a joy because he was always in the back and took chances, but didn’t. You can’t wait to see him score more than 20 goals per season as a manager. Lukaku has been a great player in this league. Lukaku looks like a completely different player when he returns.”

Liverpool can win again

Sky Sports’ Graeme Souness:

“Liverpool is there, or nearer. All four of the top contenders will fight it out. The title will not be determined in April, and it will continue to the final.

They have Van Dijk back. Matip makes a great partner, but is it possible for him to stay healthy?

I would love to see Liverpool invest a little money, but the goal scoring is for their own enjoyment. Although it is easy to talk about Liverpool’s front three and praise them for their outstanding play, a large part of Liverpool’s great performance came from their middlefield trio. Wijnaldum is gone. Henderson is one year older. Milner is one year. They have some great kids, but I would love to see more in the midfield. This will be a hard, long season.

“Liverpool is not far.”

Is Liverpool or Man United the more likely challenger?

They are so close that I can’t keep them apart. However, I think Manchester United will improve on the last season. Liverpool also need a middlefielder as Wijnaldum will not be available.

They are serious, but they can’t be mistaken if you go back to Chelsea. Lukaku will help them get closer to the title and is an absolute guarantee that they’ll sign him.

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