Ozzy Osbourne: This iconic solo song has an underlying’mistake.

Ozzy Osbourne was kicked out Black Sabbath in 1980 and began to work on his own music. Later, he released Blizzard Of Ozz, his first solo album. After selling over 5 million copies, the record became a huge success and went five times platinum in America. Crazy Train was the title track and the song that Ozzy wrote. It also features Randy Rhoads, Ozzy’s guitarist, and Bob Daisley, the bass player. Ozzy’s mannerisms in the opening seconds of Crazy Train would not be complete, but they were never intended to be.

Recently, Daisley spoke about Crazy Train’s 1979 recording.

He said, “So, Crazy Train is in progress and suddenly, I play the intro and the start of the intro. And Ozzy goes, ‘Oi! “So, we’re doing Crazy Train and all of a sudden, I’m playing the intro, the beginning of it, and then [Ozzy] goes ‘Oi!’ He says that he’s kinda laughing. You can basically keep everything.

The song’s first two seconds feature a distinctive shout that can be heard. It has been deemed one of the best parts.

Daisley continued: “So, I leave it there and he sings it first. And he asked: ‘How’s it? “Good Ozzy. Now double it.” He comes back to the beginning and hears the ‘Oi.’ So he starts laughing and we add another.

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Daisley stated that he said “Oi, Oi, Oli, Oli, Oli,” which was actually a mistake. It was his responsibility to double the “Oi”, but he did not, so we added another to make it seem less confusing.

These shouts are from Ozzy in the final mix.

Daisley revealed that the song had been altered – but not to his satisfaction.

Crazy Train was altered to echo Ozzy’s voice since the original mix.

Daisley said: “If it has a ping-pong echo to the left, it is a remix. I did not do that.”

“That’s exactly what I am trying to figure out. I heard it today and the sound wasn’t strong enough for me to know if it was original. I don’t really know. That would be fascinating to discover.

Rhoads was the other Crazy Train writing partner. He died in an airplane crash in 1982, just two years after Crazy Train.

Ozzy began to reminisce about past times himself recently.

Ozzy was interviewed by Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio 2, where he spoke passionately about Lemmy Kilmister, former Motorhead singer.

He stated that Lemmy Kilmister was his rock god.

“Lemmy was an ordinary guy. He shot straight from the hip all the time. “That’s a suck, or I like it.”

Lemmy was also mentioned as having helped him to write lyrics for a variety of songs over the years.

Ozzy replied: “So, I would give him a cassette, and I had this World War II book.

He said, “I don’t have it. Tell me your thoughts. These lyrics are mine – I’m happy to …’.

It’s going to be a week, I’m thinking. He says “Come back in four hours.”


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