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PS5 Stock: The earliest GAME, the Smyths, and Very PlayStation 5 stock dates

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PS5 Stock: The earliest GAME, the Smyths, and Very PlayStation 5 stock dates

Sony is busily trying to keep up with consumer demand after it was revealed that they have now sold through 10 million units of PS5 stock globally.

Although it is not clear how much has been sold in the UK so far, it seems that there will be a lot more to meet current demand.

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They sell out quickly every time there is a sale or announcement of a new stock in a digital shop.

Some stores have created systems that allow them to send digital codes electronically so consumers do not have to wait in line.

Even with all these systems, it is still difficult to get a new-generation gaming machine.

Good news: A new batch of PS5 stock will be available in the next few days. This gives fans another chance.

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Many dates are derived from stock tracker accounts. Some remain guesses.

These should be taken with caution, but it is always good to see what may be going on in August.

Reliable sources have shared that the first big PS5 stock decline will occur on Tuesday August 17th.

GAME will restock its PlayStation 5 consoles and then release them on the date. However, it is possible that GAME may delay.

The restock event may take place between August 17th and August 20. Pre-order pages are expected to be available very soon.

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Gamers have been warned that if the GAME stock arrives on time gamers should be prepared in the early morning.

Although the PS5 official page will not be live immediately, it is likely to become available between 8AM and 12PM BST.

The UK’s other retailers will likely restock in August as well, with Smyths Toys & Very linking to orders between August 18 – August 20.

The PS5 Stock UK Tracker Account on Twitter shared this news. They have a track record for sharing drop before they occur.

PS5 Stock UK sent the following message: We have been informed by GAME that GAME has moved its expected stock this week to Saturday 17 August. This could be due to delays in shipping the PlayStation 5 consoles.

GAME has changed the release date for #PS5 consoles from 27th August to 27th August, as we reported exclusively 4 days ago. This is due to the shipping delay that we previously mentioned. GAME will go live on 17 August with preorders (9-11:00am)

Here are all the predictions for this month’s restocks by PS5 Stock UK

  • AO: 17th-20th of August (11am-2pm).
  • GAME: 17th-18th of August (9-11:30am).
  • Smyths Toys: 17th-20th Aug (9am-2pm).
  • Very: From 17th to 19th August 9-11.30am

There are other possibilities:

  • ASDA (8:00-9:00am).
  • John Lewis (9:00 – 09:30 AM)
  • ShopTo at any time
  • Studio (7am-1pm)

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