T-Mobile is currently investigating the incident. This sounds alarming Like a bad one.


T-Mobile is currently investigating the incident. This sounds alarming
Like a bad one.

T-Mobile customers might want to be prepared for bad news.

A reported data breach may have led to the disclosure of private information for more than 100,000,000 people. The investigation is being conducted by the mobile provider. Vice reported that the would-be perpetrator was trying to buy a part of the data.

Site spoke to the anonymous poster of a forum posting offering roughly one-third the T-Mobile USA customer information in return for six bitcoins. This amount was slightly less than $280,000 at August 15 Vice looked at some of the data samples and confirmed that the seller had “accurate information about T-Mobile customers”.

According to reports, the stolen data was obtained from several T-Mobile servers and includes identifying information such as names, addresses and phone numbers; social safety numbers; IMEI numbers that are unique for each mobile device; driver’s licence info; and other personal information. Although it is not known if all the data was available, the seller confirmed to Vice that they had been denied access to T-Mobile servers.

Mashable has not yet received a response from T-Mobile, however Vice was told by the company that they are aware of “underground forum claims” and are “actively investigating their validity.”

It is possible, on the one hand that the seller misrepresents the extent of the breach or the content of the information they are selling. T-Mobile won’t likely say much until it has a better understanding of what the actual risks are for its customers. Vice reviewed some of the data and confirmed its authenticity, but who’s to say the seller isn’t pulling a fast one with, say, previously leaked data?

However, it’s not always the best thing to wait for a large company like T-Mobile to make its financial statements in such situations. T-Mobile is focused on its bottom line, and those who hold shares. It’s a smart idea to monitor suspicious activity in your accounts until you have more information.

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