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The Rapid Planning Method: How to Make More Productive

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The Rapid Planning Method: How to Make More

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This story originally appeared on Calendar

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Have you ever heard of the Rapid Planning Method? Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, and coach, developed this time management strategy, commonly known as “RPM”. Robbins views RPM as a way of thinking, not a time management strategy. However it is a method that can help increase productivity.

This article will outline some of the principles of RPM to give you a better idea of how this new way of thinking can help you accomplish more. Let’s first break it down.

RPM Breakdown

RPM is Rapid Planning Method. Each letter can also be sub-sectioned. The initialism will have a deeper meaning than just its name.


Begin by imagining what you would like to achieve. You should be focusing your daily goals on the outcomes you want to achieve now and in future. It could be as simple as cleaning the house by the evening, or it could be a longer-term goal like increasing your bench press by the end the month.

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The Rapid Planning Method section includes the first two letters of SMART goal setting; concrete and measurable. Your plans will be more successful if you are able to visualize your end goal and track your progress.


The next step is to think about the reason you are doing this. Is your goal to lift weight because you are trying to improve your health or do you have Olympic dreams? Your purpose will motivate you to plan so that once they are written, it’s exciting to actually get them done.

Robbins suggests using trigger words as a motivational tool here. For extra motivation, you can turn words into mantras that you repeat over and over to help with tough days. Your trigger words for weight lifting might, for example, be more powerful, consistent, and durable than others. This is what you should instill through Rapid Planning Method.

Massive Action Plan

Here is the place you can take your purpose, and put it into action in order to achieve what you want. Do not just note down a few items. Keep them all. Next, think about all the tasks and ideas that could help you turn your dream into a reality.

Once you have outlined your huge action plan, it is time to put it into order. You can group similar items to make your long list more manageable. Prioritize tasks based on how important they are or how soon they must be completed for the rest of the plan to be carried out.

Use RPM to Increase Productivity

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You now have an idea of the goals and objectives behind RPM. It’s time for you to take it to action. RPM’s effectiveness will be more evident if you give it a try than merely reading about it. Let’s see how you might benefit from it.

Making busy work meaningful

Did you ever feel like you did nothing even after you completed a task list? It’s common for stay-at-home parents to feel this way. It seems that there are always messes to clean and laundry to do, dishes to wash, and more. Sometimes it can seem difficult to see the meaning in all of this chaos.

You can use RPM to make your hectic work easier. Why do you complete housework? It’s better to think about how you can make your house a more welcoming place for your children than just doing it because it is expected.

Productivity is easier when you have a greater purpose. Instead of dragging yourself from one place to another, there will be a spring in your step knowing that your work is more than just a list.

Get Clear on Your Vision

The 9-5 grind can quickly become boring. Many people lose sight on their dreams and goals because they are too focused on their paychecks or making it through the next month. The RPM program helps you see clearly and makes the everyday things more meaningful.

Not only is RPM great for your daily planning, but it can also add so much more to your regular schedule. You might dream of opening your bakery, but you are having trouble finding the time. You can use RPM to create a plan that is competent, supported by your vision and backed up with a clear purpose.

You might have a perfect time management technique already in motion using your Calendar. RPM can be used to help you with a side project that has been stalled. RPM is a great tool to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution or long-held dream.

Do more and work smarter

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Why not do both? Tony Robbins created RPM to replace traditional to-do list lists. Although checklists can be a great way to work hard and get things done in an organized manner, Robbins realized that you have the potential for so much more.

You can get tangled up in details when you have to-do lists. Although being too detail-oriented can be a good thing, it might slow down your progress. RPM will help you to focus on results-oriented activities, rather than just a checklist of things that can slow down the process.

Clustering checklist items together is an important part of RPM. Try to complete as many checklist items as you can so that you get more work done each day. This is how great entrepreneurs and stars got to this point.

It’s possible to be a star as well as any other person. So grab your Calendar and give RPM a try and take note of how much more you’re able to accomplish. You can track your progress with time analytics.

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