The Royal Family’s journey to university and school. New Zealand and Spain included

From Eton College to St Andrew’s and Cambridge University, the Royal Family have had an elite education all across the UK. Many royals took classes overseas and used their gap years for travel. Prince William for example attended St Andrew’s University in Scotland after a gap year abroad in Chile.

Prince Harry, his younger brother, chose to attend Sandhurst over university and travel to Afghanistan for the military. took a look at the places where members of the Royal Family studied for university and school educations.

The Duchess Of Cambridge

William and Kate met famously at the University of St Andrews. Kate was a History of Art student and graduated with a Master’s in her field.

The Duchess of Cambridge stayed at Marlborough College in Wiltshire before she went to university.

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Prince William

As a child, he attended London’s Jane Mynors nursery school, Ludgrove School, and then enrolled at Eton College as an adult. He was the first Royal Family senior to attend Eton College.

William received A-levels (Geography, Biology, History of Art) and 12 GCSEs.

After completing a gap year in Chile, the heir to the throne went to Scotland to study at The University of St Andrews. He graduated with a 2:1 degree in Geography in 2005.


Prince Harry

Prince Harry started his education at Wetherby School, Ludgrove School.

He graduated from Eton like his brother. However, he did not go on to University, but he completed ten months’ officer commissioning training at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Harry was an Army Captain for 10 years. He also served two tours in Afghanistan.

Meghan Markle

Before attending Immaculate Heart High School, Los Angeles, the former actress studied at private schools.

Meghan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and International Studies at Northwestern University School of Communication.

Meghan also completed an internship in Buenos Aires at the American Embassy and was able to study in Spain for one year.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles attended Hill House School briefly at the age of 8 before moving to Cheam School six months later. He remained there for five more years.

After completing his GCE O levels at 16, the Prince of Wales went to Gordonstoun in Scotland, where he was able to pass six.

The Prince studied history and archaeology at Cambridge in 1967.

Prince Edward

Gordonstoun was attended by the Queen’s youngest child, just as his older siblings.

The Wanganui Collegiate school in Wanganui was his next stop. He served two terms as an instructor and supervised drama classes.

The royal was awarded a BA degree by Jesus College in Cambridge in 1986.

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