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These are the 4 things you need (and one that you don’t) in order to build your brand’s identity Digital Identity

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These are the 4 things you need (and one that you don't) in order to build your brand's identity
Digital Identity

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When you start a business, the first thing to do is establish your digital brand. Think about where your future marketing campaigns will lead customers. This includes your website, Google Business Listing, and social media. Before you can start thinking about a marketing campaign, all these platforms will need to be created.

Here’s how to start before you hire a marketing staff. It’s a complete digital package you can manage. These are the key points.

First, build your website

Establish your base before you start spreading the word on the internet. Before you send people to your site, make sure that it is fully functional and free from bugs.

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Your website will be your conversion point for products and services. Every point we have touched on is going to lead to the next, making your website the key aspect of your brand’s identity.

A website that is well-designed and maintains high quality standards of content should be considered:

  • You should ensure that your domain name is clear and simple to spell
  • If your domain is not already owned, make sure it is your company name.
  • Your website hosting should be secure so that it can grow with you. I recommend dedicated server hosting plans. Although it’s more costly, you get what you pay.

To maximize your traffic, ensure you are proficient in SEO. Do extensive keyword research and find out what phrases customers are searching for in order to locate the services or products you offer.

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All social media channels: Claim your territory

You don’t have to think that your brand would use a Facebook page, but you should still claim it. Brand consistency is important. You should have one handle on all social media.

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You can protect yourself by having @mybrand claim on all your social media channels. It’s easier for customers to use @mybrandUS, @mybrandUS, or @therealmybrand via TikTok. Second, it will protect you from potential competitors who may claim your handle on social media.

Keep an eye on how social media changes. Make sure to take 5 minutes to set up a profile on any new social media platform and stake your claim.

Register your company on Google, and anywhere else

Google will allow you to type the name or the competitor of the business that interests you. Their Google My Business listing should be the first to pop up. It will give you information about what they do, how to contact them and a summary of their reviews.

Google is the most popular search engine and will always be their first stop when people try to find your business. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not list your business wherever you can. Similar to social media, this listing is intended to be able claim the spot ahead of a similar-named competitor.

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Try out some email platforms

Email marketing increases credibility and customer base. It also provides content. Email marketing is a key component of any digital plan.

Each email marketing platform has its pros and cons. The one that you select should suit your needs the best. Think about this: While 43% of Americans check their email on smartphones each day, does your target audience match that number? Mobile optimization is not as important if your target audience is older than 50.

These platforms also have automation features. It is not a good idea to respond to all emails manually. Instead, automation software is available on most platforms. Plan out the conversations that you and your audience will have.

For now, skip advertising

Although advertising seems to be the best way for your company to stand out, it’s not. It’s a complete waste of money. If you don’t have your digital package, there is nothing substantial for you to promote. Let’s take this item-by-item.

Your website is fully functional and there are no active social media channels. Where will you advertise to your customers? How will customers know whether the Google listing that appears next to your business is actually you? They’ll find it difficult to locate any digital trace of you online. Worst, they might give clicks to brands with similar names.

Spending money on advertising without having your digital identity fully established is a serious mistake.

Your brand and digital presence should be considered one. You need to establish your identity wherever you can to maximize your potential for success. These steps will help you position yourself for being responsive to the influx of new business opportunities that may result from your carefully-planned marketing campaigns.

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