12 truths every successful entrepreneur knows

12 truths every successful entrepreneur knows

These are some of the top thoughts by Harv T.Eker (author of “The Millionaire Mind”), Dan Waldschimdt (Disruptive Business Strategist), Timothy Ferris (Author and Investor) and Seth Godin (Marketing Guru).

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The way you think and act will determine your success. This truth is essential for every entrepreneur that wants to achieve the desired results.

No secret is that successful people are able to have a new mindset and be willing to try things others aren’t willing. Certain truths can have a profound impact on how we see our situation today and the direction we go. These truths are only a few.

Many books have been written about the “millionaire mind” and many of them come up with similar conclusions. The best ideas of Harv T.Eker (author of “The Millionaire Mind”), Dan Waldschimdt (disruptive business strategist), Timothy Ferris (author and investor), and Seth Godin (marketing guru) are all mine.

  1. The disease Someday is one that can take your dreams and make them a reality. This is another excuse not to do what you love.
  2. It is possible to achieve anything if one is willing to put in the effort and time. There is nothing impossible for someone who truly wants to have an impact.
  3. It is better to take things slow than be static. It is not because you’re moving that you make mistakes.
  4. Whoever wants to win it most, isn’t necessarily the most intelligent or talented. These are just a few of the many important factors, but they don’t make the final decision. It is the person who doesn’t give up, who shows passion, who will be the most successful.
  5. Living with negative people can make it hard to be creative and motivated. The #1 reason people feel demotivated, is their environment. Your tribe is those people who are driven by you and have faith in you.
  6. You are the one who decides what you do. You are responsible for your own decisions.
  7. Progress is the key to happiness. While many people could believe that happiness can be found in a life of endless relaxation, where nothing is more important than resting, this would actually make our lives extremely boring. True human happiness is only possible through progress. The best part is that anyone can make their own decisions.
  8. It is what you concentrate on that expands. You become a magnet for misery if you complain. Psychology Today has shown that gratitude is a powerful way to turn your brain around. Your brain will be more open to opportunities and less likely towards obstacles.
  9. You can only increase your income as much as you work hard. Most people don’t reach their potential. Your income will grow if you’re determined to learn new skills and invest in yourself.
  10. There are many things that can be better than fear. Will Smith spoke about the experience of skydiving in Dubai. The best things in life tend to be on the opposite side of the fear. These are the steps that bring us joy and are something we must continue doing.
  11. It is the actions you take when you are alone that determine your life’s trajectory.
  12. Boredom is the opposite of happiness. In his book, “The 4-hour work life”, Tim Ferris explains it this way: Boredom can be a real threat to your professional or personal life. Your creativity and productivity will suffer if you don’t “excite” yourself.


What number of these truths have you accepted and implemented in your daily life? All of us have the ability to adapt and move forward to better and more positive ideas that impact our lives. Progress is the key to happiness.

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