Anthony Field, The Wiggles’ performer, was forced to assure his fans After DEATH HOAX, he is still alive and well.

Anthony Field, the Wiggles singer, had to assure his fans that he is still alive after DEATH HOAX declared he died on Sunday

After he became the victim of a death hoax, Anthony Field had to console his fans.

A screen shot was shared by the Wiggles singer of an entry on Wikipedia that claimed he died Sunday, August 15, 2020.

The 58-year old posted to Instagram Monday to show that things were still messy.

He's fine: Anthony Field (pictured) was forced to console his worried fans after he was the subject of a death hoax

Anthony Field is fine. He was made to comfort his concerned fans following a hoax death.

“Wikipedia made me die yesterday !!!'” He wrote this in shock. “Unless I don’t keep up with the times I’m still here!”

The comedian then joked that he had only “died” on stage, meaning he was a bad performer in the past but otherwise fine.

“I’ve been onstage a couple of times (you’ve seen it!) You can find me back on Wikipedia! It’s a relief!

Oops! Oops!

According to Wikipedia, Anthony Donald Joseph Field (August 15, 1963 – August 15, 2021), was an Australian actor, musician, writer, and producer.

“He is best remembered as the leader of the Wiggles children’s group and the Cockroaches DOD rock band of 1980s and 1990s.

This comes just days after The Wiggles’ music and shows will be made available 24 hours a day on a new US streaming channel.

It’s fine! Fine! He wrote this in shock. “Unless I don’t keep up with the times I’m still here!”

Loop Media, a digital streaming agency based in California, have signed a landmark deal with the music group.

There will be thousands of hours of programming featuring current Wiggles members Simon, Anthony and Emma (both 49), Emma (31) and Lachlan (35) respectively.

The Wiggles streamed previously on YouTube (USA) and Netflix (USA).

Their shows have been featured on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.

Starrs: This comes following news that The Wiggles’ music and shows will be streamed 24/7 on a new US streaming service. Picture: The Wiggles


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