“Britain will be at the heart of the automobile world” Between 19 and 22 August

Next week, the biggest auto, motoring and transport event in the world. The New York International Auto Show, which I have attended many times over the years and consider America’s greatest exhibition, as well as its “national” event. The NYC Auto Show was cancelled last minute due to a combination of Delta Variant issues and other factors. The earliest date the event will be back on the schedule is 2022.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Britain will become the center of the automotive world from 19-22 August. We can give credit to the British Motor Show for guiding us through the process of planning and execution. As a passionate believer and activist for a national vehicle show, I was able to participate in some highly confidential meetings and trials. These included the 2016-2019 London Motor Shows, now succeeded by The Brit Show, and the Pop-Up Motor Show (ditto), which were bravely tested last winter during the pandemic.

All the testing and talking has ended and now the real action begins. Murray Walker might say that the British Motor Show was “go, go, go” without the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders as its organizer, but with Automotion, who is the new, up-and-coming kid on the block.

For the Q&A session and any other sessions that feature industry and trade experts, I will be present. The Marcus Rutherford Foundation’s cancer awareness vehicle will be my next stop. I’ll also be there on a NUI electric bike that I’ll test as I “commute” from one exhibit to the other. Hall 1 Best Cars will feature some of the award-winning vehicles I love, along with some surprises.

If there weren’t social distancing signs or hand sanitizers, I wouldn’t attend the British Motor Show. They will. They will. I, for one, will wear a mask while I am on the show floor. I respectfully ask that you also do so. The show organizers gave free tickets to the 5,000 NHS staff who are dedicated to saving lives. They were able to have a great day. Before you make a decision about whether or not to wear masks, think of the vulnerable people they will be visiting after the show.

The British Motor Show, which was first held in London’s Crystal Palace in 1903, is now known as The Crystal Palace. After a difficult, sometimes troubled, and often unloved existence, the British Motor Show was born at The Crystal Palace, London, in 1903. The UK will soon be able to announce that it was the first country to host a national motorshow in 2021, out of all major auto-producing countries.

If anyone is able to prove that they have attended British Motor Shows at The Crystal Palace and Olympia, Earls Court and NEC between 1903-2008, then I will chauffeur them home in one of my Best Cars of the year vehicles! Promise.

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