Daily Crunch: Israel’s stroke tech startup BrainQ raises $40M

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We are pleased to welcome you to Daily Crunch, August 16th 2021. We’re not going to change our normal remit, even though the world is dealing with many issues. We send love and huggs to all and we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • How Nuro is taking on Google, the world:It is a competitive race to create commercially-ready, self-driving vehicles. Companies are choosing different paths to address the autonomous driving issue. TechCrunch’s latest EC-1 features Nuro, one of these companies. Enjoy!
  • Tesla under investigation for Autopilot crashes:Tesla’s self-driving car efforts are now in high demand after several collisions between its cars and first responder cars. The culprit appears to be Tesla’s diver aid program. Whether you own Tesla stock will affect your feelings about this inquiry. However, the facts show how difficult it can be to become self-driving in the wild.
  • Discord, Carta, and Chime:TechCrunch asked what the U.S. startup boom of $10 billion and more might mean to startups at an earlier stage in their lives. This news is great for founders and startups alike.


  • Roblox is being sold by Guilded:Microsoft didn’t acquire Discord but Roblox did when it was time to buy Guilded. Although Guilded may be a smaller startup than Discord’s, it is still a very important deal. Roblox was able to pay for Guilded at just $10 million, despite the fact that there is a large market for chat applications for gamers.
  • Tropic invests $25M to improve software procurementSoftware gets paid for, as the pandemic demonstrated. How come? It is because without it, business simply stops. Because of their centrality to routine operations, software companies were able to survive the pandemic. No one likes to pay too much. Tropic is here to save the day. The startup wants to make software more affordable and has $25 million.
  • Shopistry invests $2M to improve headless commerceThis startup is assumed to be named as “Stay-Boom”SHOP-istryIt would be absurd otherwise. Shopistry believes that a modular, ecommerce platform is more efficient than any other. Although it faces a lot of competition from BigCommerce and Shopify (which were once small startups), Shopistry is still able to compete.
  • BrainQ wants to transform stroke rehab:TechCrunch reported today that BrainQ, an at-home stroke treatment startup, has raised $40 million. Its hardware does what? The device “stimulates damaged brain parts and promotes self repair,” which is pretty cool.
  • What Amanda DoAmaral did to create FiveableTechCrunch’s Today Podcast features a treat. “Hear DoAmaral explain how she turned her frustration with a flawed system into the drive to create a venture-scale company outside it.”

Nuro EC-1

Google’s 2010 autonomous vehicle project put self-driving vehicles on Bay Area roads and freeways. However, practical applications are still at least 10 years away.

Futureists had it right: Mountain View’s Nuro, which is based in Mountain View, was testing the second generation R2 robot vehicle. This vehicle would be the first federally exempted from operating an autonomous vehicle.

Nuro had already formed partnerships with CVS, Walmart, and Domino’s in order to make last-mile delivery arrangements when it raised its Series B funding.

Before Nuro was able to consider product-market fit it had to first overcome technical challenges and win over regulators. It also needed partnerships with various consumer-facing businesses.

Dave Ferguson, co-founder of the company says that neither JZ nor myself consider ourselves to be classic entrepreneurs. He also doesn’t believe starting a business was something Dave Ferguson had to do. It was more about soul-searching and trying to find the greatest impact we could make.

Part 1: How Google’s self-driving car project accidentally spawned its robotic delivery rival

Part 2: Why regulators love Nuro’s self-driving delivery vehicles

Part 3: How Nuro became the robotic face of Domino’s

Part 4: Here’s what the inevitable friendly neighborhood robot invasion looks like

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Soon, everyone can verify their Tinder date.Tinder plans to introduce ID verification in the coming quarters, after it was first launched in Japan in 2019. This sounds great and could increase the safety of Tinder. We are just curious as to why Tinder took so long to reach this point.
  • Cisco buys Epsagon:Cisco, the U.S. technology company has paid around $500 million to Epsagon, an Israeli app-monitoring company. Although Israel’s cybersecurity efforts are well-known, it doesn’t necessarily mean the country is a one-note. Although the deal did not appear to increase Cisco stock’s value, it helped moderately in a day of low technology shares. We don’t often see deals this large as we used to, and we felt the need to bring it up.
  • Are you looking for more privacy breaches? You can get more privacy violations by doing this.This is my conclusion from the news that Pearson will pay a $1million fine for its 2018 data breach which leaked millions in student records. One that Pearson failed to disclose to investors. The settlement was accepted by the SEC. Exxon will be fined $47.29 next for lying about climate change.

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