Elvis Anniversary: Linda, Linda’s gorgeous new message: ‘We held our hearts together’

Elvis Anniversary: Linda, Linda's gorgeous new message: 'We held our hearts together'

Today, Elvis Presley’s extraordinary life is being celebrated by his family, friends and fans around the globe. He died August 16, 1977. Although he is no longer with us, we still love him as much as ever. Linda was his closest friend for the past four years. Linda said that she tried her best to honor him and keep his memories in my life. Today, however, she shared a deeply felt message.

Elvis was a lover of many women before and during his marriage. Linda, however, was a different story. From July 1972 through December 1976, they were together and Linda was his companion, support, and nurse. She was always there for him.

She said a few months back that Elvis Presley was her favorite artist. He was also the love of mine. I adored him. “He would be stunned at how generous everyone has been to him in his memory.”

Today, she talked about her time with him and gave tribute to the millions of his fans.

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Linda often spoke of the overwhelming feeling that Elvis might feel knowing how much his legacy endures.

She stated that only two individuals in history are known and remembered by thousands each year.

In a non-Covid Year, thousands gather at Graceland to witness a candlelight procession on August 16th, the anniversary of Elvis’ death. To celebrate Elvis’s birthday, festivals are held around the globe on January 8. Elvis would have been stunned, shocked, humbled and deeply grateful to learn that his music and legacy are still being enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

They divorced in December 1976 but Linda and Elvis were still close. His cousin Billy Smith told him that he was certain Linda would always be available for him if needed.

Linda called Lisa Marie, a nine year old Lisa Marie, when her dad died. Linda was with his family and close friends the day of his burial.

She made a successful career as songwriter and compositor in the industry over the next few years. Bruce Jenner (later Caitlyn), and David Foster were her first marriages.

She still remembers Elvis and continues to celebrate him in social media posts and public appearances.

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