Elvis’s final hour, from the time Fiancee Ginger discovered him

Ginger led Lisa Marie out of the bathroom, closing the door. Lisa Marie said, “Something is wrong with my daddy, and I will find it out.”

After Elvis was loaded into the ambulance, the attendants noted that there had been no signs of life.

Elvis’ physician, Dr Nichopolous, arrived at the scene and crashed his vehicle into the gate. He then jumped out of the ambulance and tried to revive Elvis during the seven-minute ride to the hospital.

Just 22 minutes after receiving the first call from the house, the ambulance reached Baptist Memorial Hospital in Atlanta at 2:55pm.

Elvis was brought into Trauma Room No1 where final attempts were made to revive the star. The time of his death was set for 3.30pm.

Vernon was informed by Dr Nick as soon as he returned to Graceland. Vernon, a man in a state of shock, stood outside Graceland at 4pm and announced to the media and the rest of the world that his son had died.

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