Fairytale Puzzle game Tetragon now available for Xbox One

Fairytale Puzzle game Tetragon now available for Xbox One S

Hello everyone!

Today we’re Cafundo Studio, and this is our team.Tetragon puzzle game. Our story is both touching and amazingly clever. We also managed to create a classic Rubik‚Äôs cube-style puzzle game. We are given the ability to move and rotate the tiles around the globe so our protagonist can go from A to B.

Although it sounds easy, the level design has been so complex that we created a stunning environment and clever logical traps. The player may occasionally run into panels, slabs and ledges that permit him to perform actions beyond what is necessary in order to find the best route.

This is what happens most often in puzzle games. Within a matter of minutes you see the goal, and have an action plan in place. You can also make a mistake if you use the same scheme in your initial steps. You will need to move the measurement back and forth until you find the correct solution.

Some of your attempts may prove fatal. You may find that your character falls from great heights, gets stuck away from panels, or is unable to turn the map around. We tried our best to get the player to think about his actions.


As developers, we faced an international challenge: make thinking about the moves enjoyable. We turned to the three main pillars of the design process: the visual, music and story.

Visually, we needed to turn each level many times and refine it constantly so it was interesting from every angle. This is a lot like drawing a portrait. All imperfections can be seen immediately after you have drawn your profile. The eye may not be straightened, the nose might look crooked… the same goes for the levels of Tetragon. It took hundreds of hours to ensure that the world doesn’t appear void-like from all angles. Also, upside down plants and photos don’t seem silly.


We wanted to make the entire world look more beautiful and fascinating.

We filled it with various events so it wouldn’t be too static or flat. We will meet a charmant thief in the castle. He’ll be watching us as we take pictures of him and then get out from his armor looking for food.

These micro-events serve another purpose: to distract players. You’ll find yourself thinking, “Ha!” at crucial moments in planning. That’s all! Your clever plan to get through the level was a failure.


We’re not evil. Our main objective is to make the world more fun and entertaining.

The music component was another issue that we had to worry about. Background music can be annoying for both players and developers. It is important not to allow background music to become distracting or annoying. All songs were made to be pleasant and melodic. They should sound in the subcortex. We also tried to create a sense of mystery and danger.

The music is so enjoyable and successful that you can even use it for relaxing outside of the game. It is so comfortable that you can even read it, the guys realized.


The plot is, of course, the most crucial component.

Our hero Lucius’ story begins with his missing son. He is found in Tetragon by the woodsman who goes in search of him through a portal. We could probably end there. This would give the player some background and a goal. It would be boring. We have an entirely new world before us. We decided to tell the story of this world as fully as we could, while giving the player some interesting twists and turns… without spoilers.

We will be meeting different characters as we progress through the game, including the thief mentioned earlier. We will learn the story of Tetragon from them and eventually, we’ll be able to see what actually happened.


Tetragon, the holy crystal that lies at the centre of the universe, is too detailed to mention. The energy from which all the other dimensions were made flourished was derived from this crystal. The laws of this genre dictate that the world can’t last forever. A mysterious energy emerges at some point and gives life to the dark entity. This entity has one purpose: to destroy crystals and cause havoc throughout the world.

Tetragon is also blessed with an essence which understands that the enemy will be hard to deal with. She was able to make the dark darker, even though the crystal fragments were scattered around the edges of this multilayered world.


Lucius, the forester, finds himself trapped in a flat dimension after the loss of the crystal. He must find his son and find the truth to save this world. He will he succeed? The player decides.

All of these pillars have been combined to make them feel one. Environment reflects the world and its events. Each successive level of the dimensional bulbs is clearly visible against the backdrop of the current place, giving the illusion of being at the center of it all. This may explain why guests spend more time at the various game shows.TetragonYou can also look at other games. It is difficult to break out of the complex combination of fairytale-style riddles and puzzles that appear simple.

We are already selling the game, and we’re looking forward to your reviews.


Buka Entertainment Enterprises

Tetragon is a mysterious world of puzzles and magical mazes that offers unique gameplay mechanics. For those who love the classic games The Room, The Witness, and The Talos Principle it’s an exciting challenge.

You aim to propel planes through a rotating world of gravity. Use TetraGen to move the ground as well as the towers in order for Lucios, the lumberjack and explorer of the wild worlds, through all the chaos and ultimately find his son.

There is an alternate universe that contains a parallel universe. It has a world of plane realities. They hover around TetraGen, the sacred jewel. It had been prosperous since the beginning of time, with no room for evil. Until a strange dark energy began to sprout in Tetragon. It had been a while before it gave birth to the bizarre creature that was meant destroy TetraGen, and throw Tetragon into chaos. This creature finally succeeded in its mission and the TetraGen jewel fell into pieces. The Will of Tetragon was able to capture the dark creature using its full power, but it was too late. Someone must now rescue TetraGen from this world.

Now it’s your turn to find the answers and reach the end of the journey.

TetraGen can be used to change the position and height of planes, towers, platforms and steps. It even allows you to spin the globe on its axis with the help of TetraGen!

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