Freeview TV subscribers warned to stay alert for shocking new scams This could lead to high costs.

Many Freeview subscribers have had a rough week. The popular TV service was taken offline by the Bilsdale transmitter, which beams television across the North East. Around 500,000 households were left without an internet connection, which meant that they couldn’t access many channels such as BBC or ITV.

Freeview has confirmed that services are slowly being restored but, with significant damage caused by the blaze, it is taking time to fix the issues and some users could be left without a signal until the end of August.

The transmitter operator company plans to set up a temporary transmitter in Bilsdale. The plan will restore TV coverage to the majority of viewers that receive their signals from Bilsdale. We expect to complete this work by the 28th of August due to the amount of work involved in delivering it.

Scammers have taken advantage of thousands of Freeview subscribers who are struggling to view their favorite shows.

One council says that scammers are targeting consumers posing as representatives of a company to repair the TV glitch. Scammers claim that the only solution to restore signal strength is to install a new roof aerial at a cost PS245.

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Unfortunately, current issues have nothing to do with the equipment in homes. Installing an upgrade aerial will not bring back channels to televisions.

Darlington Borough Council released the following statement: “Please note that Darlington Borough Council did not instruct anyone to come to our homes and fit new ariels. Ask for ID and be suspicious of any scams. If you are unsure, please contact us for assistance. You can contact us on 01325 405333 or email [email protected]

How can you get your signal back, then?

Freeview states that engineers are trying to get services back up and running as fast as they can.

Redcar, Hartlepool and other areas of Middlesbrough could start to receive some channels back. The firm advises that customers may need to reset their TV or set-top box to restore service.

Freeview now states that viewers who are served by Whitby and Limber Hill relays might find certain channels back.

Unfortunately, affected viewers in these regions are advised not to tune their devices right now by Freeview. More updates will be made over the next few days.

Even if you don’t have an aerial signal, it is possible to receive Freeview.

Freeview advises customers that they use their broadband to access TV until the service is restored.

Freeview advises that you can still watch Freeview from any internet-connected Freeview Play TVs or other devices with the available players.

You can also watch Freeview on your mobile device via the app store, or via our website via our TV Guide.

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