Google offers some great options for Chrome users who use Incognito Mode. Good news

Android phones are available in many more variations than iPhones. This may explain why Android devices take longer for similar features to be added.

Some Android phones don’t have fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

There may also be more options to lock Incognito tabs in Chrome for Android.

Google might be able use an Android phone’s unlock code or pattern if it doesn’t have facial or fingerprint authentication.

It’s not clear at the moment if Google will extend these extra Incognito protections on other platforms, such as Chrome OS or Chrome OS desktop.

Google Chrome News: Google has revealed that it is developing a new Chrome security tool.

Chrome’s safety check feature, which has been in use for some time now, will include the Privacy and Security Review Tool.

Publiated at Tue 17 August 2021, 03:09:52 +0000

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