Hans Zimmer, a Dune composer, has a brand new score to re-enact ‘Delayed Movies.

Denis Villeneuve will release Dune, his next science-fiction epic film in October. Dune, based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel of the name, follows Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet), who takes over Arrakis, the infamous sand-planet known as Dune from the Harkonnen. The original release date of the movie was October 2013. However, it was delayed by an entire year. Zimmer is currently working on the soundtrack to the film, which will be used in conjunction with Dune merchandise.

On the same day that the movie, the second Dune soundtrack will be released – 22 October.

This companion book, The Art and Soul of Dune, is also included.

Tanya Lapointe, the executive producer of the movie wrote this book and includes a few exclusive entries.

The book includes artwork, behind-the scenes looks and an interview with cast members and crew.

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Zimmer already spoke out about the soundtrack to the feature film.

He spoke openly about his inspiration and the process that led to the creation of the music.

He stated that he and Dennis agreed that female characters drive the movie’s story so the music is mostly female.

We created our own language. This is not your typical orchestral score. The musicianship here is exceptional. (Via The Hollywood Reporter).

Villeneuve first wanted to make Dune more than two movies. Villeneuve stated that the story was so complex and rich, we would need at least two films.

He had to obtain approval to film Dune in a desert setting, which matched the natural environment of the story.

He stated: “My argument is, they didn’t shoot Jaws into a pool, you know?”

We needed to experience the actual environments in order to get inspired and be inspired by their infinity.

Villeneuve shot Dune in the desert of Jordan which was one of the main selling points for the series.

The source material was also highly praised by him, saying that while you could see the story from one perspective as an epic, powerful adventure story with many themes, there are so many other aspects to the book that enrich it.

We tried to preserve the film’s richness… Humans must earn their destiny to make a difference in this world. This movie serves as a call for action, particularly for youth.

Dune will be in cinemas October 22nd, 2021.


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