Honda e will join the small SUV club in its pure electric vehicle Range

Jean-Marc Streng, Honda UK’s boss has announced that Honda will launch a second all-electric vehicle within two years to join the Honda e-city car.

Streng spoke exclusively to Auto Express and stated, “We will bring a new BEV model in 2023. That’s the next stage, which will allow us to offer a larger range.”

Streng would not give any further details about the model but he said that it was going to be a segment-specific offer, and will result in more sales.

Auto Express believes it will be a crossover similar to last year’s Honda SUV e-concept. These exclusive photos show the car as it could appear, featuring slim LED lights around a grille that is blanked off and the Honda logo at the center.

Like the HR-V’s, the new EV won’t have any lines running down its sides. Instead, a darker lower sill section will be used to conceal the extra height required to accommodate the battery. The car will be wider thanks to the slim rear LED lights.

We expect that the new model will be somewhere in the middle of the Jazz Crosstar model, which accounts for more than 50 percent of Jazz sales), and the HR-V.

Honda’s engineer boss previously stated to us that an all electric compact SUV would follow the e hatchback and would use the same platform. These underpinnings may need to be extended to accommodate a larger body, decent-sized trunk, and a futuristic interior. The new Honda e will feature dual 12.3 inch widescreen screens, plus two six-inch monitors on either side that relay a live feed from the cameras instead of the door mirrors.

We don’t know what technology might be underneath the skin yet, but we expect the larger battery to provide a greater range than the 35.5kWh unit in the e and similar charging capabilities to the smaller vehicle.

Honda’s new e-city car, Honda, is doing well, and bringing in younger customers. Streng stated that more than 85 percent of our customers are conquests. Streng stated that Honda’s average age has fallen by four years in just two years.

Streng explained that the new all-electric Honda will become part of a fleet that is fully electrified by 2022. “Our goal was to electrify the range by 2022. This goal is pleasing because it’s only eight years ahead of the UK government’s plans.

We have hybrids for Jazz Crosstar and Jazz Crosstar. Orders for HR-V are open in August, and the cars go on sale in October. After driving the car around Japan, the seamless switch between petrol, hybrid, and free-electric is possible. The CR-V hybrid is available and next year we’ll be launching a Civic that is electrified.

The new Civic Type R will certainly be available for performance enthusiasts. Streng announced the arrival of the new model and highlighted the importance of the hot hatchback when it comes winning new customers.

Streng and his staff have been innovating to reduce the number of franchises within the dealer network. However, this has not had any effect on sales. Strong results have been seen since the showrooms were reopened earlier this year.

“In May 2021, Honda had its highest retail volume for five years, making it the most profitable dealership business in terms of new and used turnover.

It is vital to grow the business in a sustainable way. Although it’s easy to expand in any direction, we need to ensure that we grow well and are not stressed.

How has this current shortage of semiconductor parts affected the supply of Hondas to dealers for sale? Streng says, “To be truthful, so far not so much. Certainly in the UK.” We have had some supply from November to April last year.

We see that our impact is much lower than those of other competitors. We have good supply – there are 9,000 vehicles in the UK so that we can provide customers with a fast delivery.”

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