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Janette Manrara wishes she was kinder to Aljaz Two speak up in disagreement

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Janette Manrara wishes she was kinder to Aljaz
Two speak up in disagreement

Janette Manrara said that compromises and kindness were good qualities to have as a couple. The pair also spoke glowingly about their 10-year anniversary. As they talked about their friendship, the dancing couple revealed that even after all these years they still remain close friends.

Janette, 37, said that kindness shows compassion, understanding, support and comfort.

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The dancer reflected on her relationship and said that there were times when she wishes she could have been more kind.

She laughed and asked her husband if he agreed. He assured her that he did not.

He laughed and said, “Thanks for being first.”

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Janette said: I was hoping that you would follow me on this one. Janette replied: “I was hoping you’d follow me on that one.

According to the Miami-born dancer, kindness was not just an appealing hashtag on social media but something that had to be done.

Elle added that “One of my biggest beliefs about our marital relationship is the fact that we try to be kind and understanding towards each other.”

Aljaz concurred, saying that kindness is also about friendship.

His wife, apparently stunned, replied “That’s a big statement.”

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He elaborated on this point by saying that those posting unkind remarks online will not be held responsible, although they might in real life.

“Whom are we giving freedom speech, to computers?” “, he questioned.

Janette said, “I believe we slightly disagree about this.”

Her husband responded, “We don’t agree to disagree a lot.”

Janette jokingly said, “That’s why Twist and Shout was created.”

Strictly dancing partners met because of their mutual love for dance, and they were married in 2017.

They spoke out about their future plans for baby in an earlier year.

Janette stated that lockdown, being apart from her husband in Strictly 2020 helped her realize how close they were.

They are ready to have a child because they love each other and support one another, she said.

Aljaz will be an amazing dad, I think!

She said that she and her husband had come to the realization that they were both ready for it when the right time came.

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