On October 21, Tandem: A Tale of Shadows will be available. PS4

Tandem: A Tales of Shadows, a puzzle platformer that features 45 levels. Players will alternate between Emma (top down view) or Fenton (sideview). The unique perspectives and abilities of Emma and Fenton will be used by players to solve puzzles. They will face many obstacles together, as well as enemies like bosses who stand in their path.

Our game features two protagonists that can be controlled. It was fun and creative for us to control two characters with different personalities. This is a satisfying experience, particularly as the players progress to higher levels. With Sherlock Holmes and Watson as our inspiration, we designed this game. To solve mysteries, they rely on one another.

The late 19th century was fascinating to us, as it featured some of the most innovative and creative periods in human history. While we felt the Victorian period would be appropriate for our game. We didn’t intend to add steampunk elements. Tandem: A Tale of Shadows does not represent a historical game. However, we attempted to accurately recreate all details. The casual aspect of the game often inspires wonder and nostalgia, but we also have a Burtonian edge. The game’s art direction is heavily influenced by the chiaroscuro, which refers to the importance of shadows and lights. We also took inspiration from Dutch painting in the golden age.

Two dimensions are required to describe the strategy of these characters.

Emma is controlled by the player in a top-down perspective. Her lantern lights up the scene and projects shadows. The player can control Fenton from a side-scroller perspective. He has the ability to move on shadows project by Emma’s lantern.

The shadows Fenton uses to walk in the first universe are mostly generated from scene assets. Emma is able to move simple objects. New shadow mechanics are proposed as the player explores different universes. Emma uses a network of transparent pipes that have valves and branches to cast shadows.

Emma lures foes with her bait of eating each other, and grows up to cast large shadows that allow Fenton to walk.

It is both fun and very creative to control two characters with their unique personalities and traits. As you progress in the game, it becomes more apparent that the characters collaborate. This contributes to the enrichment and enjoyment of the entire experience. This is also an allusion to Sherlock Holmes or Watson. One needs the other in order to solve their problems.

Enjoy exploring Tandem: A Tale of Shadows, which is available on October 21st on Amazon.

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