Pacquiao: Khan was very close, but I still had the ability to fight. UK


Manny Pacquiao admitted that he almost signed a contract with Amir Khan. However, the Filipino superstar has stated that he still wants to fight Amir Khan in Britain.

Pacquiao could win another world title when he takes on Yordenis Urgas in Las Vegas for the WBA super welterweight title. Live on Sky Sports

Khan was repeatedly mentioned as a potential opponent by the eight-weight champion world weight and he has now revealed that Khan is close to finalizing terms.

Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan
Pacquiao was linked with a fight against Amir Khan

“Almost that fight,” Pacquiao said to Sky Sports.

“Pretty close to having that fight. But there was something wrong.

“I won’t disclose it.”

Khan and Pacquiao sparred in the past at Wild Card in Los Angeles, where they had the same trainer Freddie Roach.

However, the legend of boxing has said that these sessions were meaningless if their rivalry had been settled with a fight.

Pacquiao said, “Fighting inside the ring and fighting in it is different from training.”

“Different from sparring or any other activity.

“Big difference.”

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Yordenis Ugas stands in the way of Pacquiao’s future plans

Although Pacquiao was able to show his skills against Ricky Hatton (one of Britain’s most prominent names), his knockout victory in the second round took place in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao is 42 years old and still eager for a major-name fight on our shores.

He said, “I wish that one day I could fight there.”

“I hope that there is one fight in the UK.”

Live on Sky Sports, Manny Pacquiao takes on Yordenis Urgas at Las Vegas’ 2am, Sunday morning.

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