“Rip-off”: Motorway drivers slam forecourts with petrol Prices with PS10 price rise

Some motorway service providers have started charging PS10 more than the national average to fill a full tank. This has led to retailers being accused of profiteering. The average pump price has risen to 135.3p per gallon, the highest level since September 2013.

It would be a remarkable PS84 for a family car, with an average 55-litre tank.

It is PS10 higher than what it costs to fill a full tank with petrol in the UK.

Similar prices were charged for the M62’s forecourts between Liverpool and Manchester.

In Sevenoaks, Kent and Potters Bar, Hertfordshire prices of 149.9p a liter were observed.

The first weekend of school vacation saw a rise in car usage to 105 per cent, and the next weekend, it was 107 per cent.

Simon Williams, RAC’s fuel spokesperson, stated that drivers have endured nine months worth of increasing petrol prices. This has added 21p per litre to their average price. It is hard to imagine this ending.

High prices are inevitable because so many people depend on their cars. We recommend driving as economical as you can to maximize every fill up.

According to retailers, they raised prices to stay profitable and retain staff.

Due to the inconsistencies and shortages during the pandemic, the global oil price per barrel has been extremely volatile over the last year.

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