Roblox buys Discord competitor Guilded

Roblox buys Discord competitor Guilded

Roblox buys Discord competitor Guilded

Roblox is using M&A to bulk up its social infrastructure, announcing Monday morning that they had acquired the team at Guilded which has been building a chat platform for competitive gamers.

Discord is the main competitor for the service. TechCrunch has heard from the founders of Discord that their ambitions have expanded beyond gaming, and the core product they offer was not able to meet the needs of the competitive gaming community. Discord users have the option to text or voice communicate on Gulded, however Guilded allows users to create communities and organize events around calendars. There are many specific functions that Guilded provides for making sure tournaments happen seamlessly.

It supported hundreds of games and had specific functionality for a few titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, League of Legends and Roblox. The company also launched an API for bot building that allows non-technical users to create bots that can enrich gaming communities.

Crunchbase reports that Guilded has raised $10.2million in venture capital financing to date. This includes a $7 million Series B led by Matrix Partners, which was launched early last year. In mid-2017, the company was launched by Y Combinator.

The terms of the Roblox deal were not disclosed. In an announcement post, Roblox detailed that the Guilded team will operate as an independent product group going forward. In a separate blog post, Guilded CEO Eli Brown wrote that existing stakeholders will be able to continue using the product as they have previously.

Brown stated that everyone – partners and communities alike – can continue to use Guilded in the same manner they are currently. Roblox is a strong believer in our mission and our team, so we will continue operating as an independent product to accomplish it.

Roblox’s recent success and increased investor interest has led to Roblox seeing a lot of success. The pandemic has driven more people online, and Roblox users have been more active. However, this success has also drawn attention from other companies. Crayta was a Roblox competitor that Facebook bought in June. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced just weeks earlier that he would transform Facebook into “metaverse”, a term which many associate with Roblox’s work. Roblox has the opportunity to grow its user base within its products and create a social infrastructure that retains users. Guilded is a way for Roblox.

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