Seattle fintech company Allio raises $5M to fund robo-advisor Investment tool

Allio, a new Seattle startup building a robo-advisor investment tool for consumers, has raised $5 million. “We’re the first micro-savings tool that allows users to customize their investment portfolio using both traditional and contemporary asset classes in the robo space,” said finance vet Joseph Gradante, who founded Allio last year.

Gradante said Allio differentiates by taking a modern approach to portfolio management built for an artificially low interest rate environment, as opposed to traditional Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) strategies.

Liberty Partners are the company’s main investors. Allio has fewer than 10 employees and was recently admitted to the WTIA Startup Program. He is also a Venture Out graduate. Its CTO is David Chen, a former senior software engineer at Minted.

Publiated at Mon, 16 August 2021 @ 18:39:07 +0000

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