September staycations promise lower costs & ‘far More options’ — ‘a great moment to travel’

High season and school holidays are the most popular times to camp or caravan. Even though campsites at popular spots may be full, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have the opportunity to book a trip for last minute.

He said that many of his customers take breaks into autumn, and with the opening of local indoor tourist attractions there is plenty to do on rainy days.

If you are looking for a holiday in later part of the year, it’s worth thinking about your expectations before making a booking.

According to Mr Hodgson, “It all depends on what kind of holiday you want.”

We have many beautiful walking trails around our parks as well as famous tourist attractions, both indoors and outdoors.

“I believe it is important to research the area to find out what you can do in the event of bad weather.”

Weather can change quickly from one coast of the UK to another, with sudden downpours appearing from almost anywhere.

Even if you could list the average UK temperature in September, it would be difficult.

For example, in London, the average September high is 19.

In Edinburgh, however, the figure is only 16.

Experts recommend that you choose a place with both outdoor and indoor activities for your autumn vacations.

According to Bassett’s calculations, taking a vacation later in the year offers more choices.

He said that Camptoo’s motorhome and campervan availability is greater in autumn than it was during summer. Prices are also lower in this season.

We fully anticipate that the camping season will extend into fall due to increased demand.

Although the offer is available, Bassett warns that it might be gone soon, especially given the rise in staycations.

He advised, “Don’t wait to book.”

Staycations are expected to remain very popular through 2021. We recommend booking your staycations as soon as you can to ensure that you don’t miss out.

You should always check the travel regulations for any destination you plan to visit. Also, make sure to book only with flexible companies so your travel plans and rules can change.

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