Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure quits band because of 'betrayal.

Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure quits band because of ‘betrayal.

Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure quits band because of 'betrayal.

Today, Cure fans were devastated to hear that Gallup was leaving the band. He wrote a candid and blunt post on his Facebook account, revealing the reasons behind his exit.

Gallup stated that he was no longer part of The Cure “With a slightly heavier heart” All the best …”

Many people rushed to the post asking him if he is okay or if his health has somehow affected his inclusion in this band.

One fan asked him his opinion. He said, “I’m okay… I just got tired of being betrayed.”

Gallup joined the band in 1985, when he was joined by drummer Boris Williams.

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Robert Smith, the singer of The Cure has spoken before about how important the line-up is to the group.

He specifically referred to Gallup, who he said was a crucial member of the group.

He stated that if Gallup quits, then the band “wouldn’t be known as The Cure”. (Via The Irish Times).

Smith also spoke out about Gallup’s “dangerous” past connection with him.

Smith stated in 2019, “For me the heartbeat of the live band was Simon and he has always been my best buddy.”

It’s strange that he has been so overlooked over the years. Interviews are not his thing. He isn’t out there. And he certainly doesn’t have the foil role to me. Yet, he’s vital to our work. (Via NME).

Then he admitted that although there have been some hard times over the years, he and his friend had a strong bond that was forged from that shared experience as teenagers.

It takes something extraordinary to end a friendship like this, especially if you’ve had it for so long.”

Smith said, “You have done so many together, and you have so much common experience, that you don’t want friends to go.”

Gallup isn’t the first to leave the band.

He left the group after joining it in 1979.

Smith and Smith had been at “tensions”, which was cited as the cause of his departure.

They were founded in 1978 by The Cure and have sold over 30 million albums around the world.

The group has released over 30 singles including The Love Cats and Let’s go to bed, as well as Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, and The Love Cats.

The Cure were elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.


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