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The stacked bundle includes coding courses for as low as $0 PS30

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TL;DR: The 2021 All-in-One Computer Science Certification Bundle is on sale for PS25.35 as of Aug. 16, saving you 98% on list price.

To say that computer science is a lucrative career is a massive understatement. To say it’s a challenging career is even more of one. The toolbox that coders must master to stay up to date with the current development landscape is growing by the day. It can be tough for a newcomer to even know how to get their foot in the door.

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Luckily, for a limited time, it’s a little bit easier than you think to get started in the computer science field, thanks to this 2021 All-in-One Computer Science Certification Bundle. The 11 courses are taught by an experienced team of software developers and educators, which includes Tony Staunton (a Python developer consultant); Umar Lone (a civil engineer who discovered his passion in software development); and Loonycorn (an ex-Googler, Stanford, or Flipkart employee). You’ll leave with an in-depth knowledge and skills that you can use to program multiple languages.

This training package covers everything you need to know about programming languages, including Java and JavaScript as well as C++ and C# and Python. You’ll learn how to create apps, web pages and fully-playable games, as well as build them from scratch. These courses go beyond syntax and teach you how to code. Learning by doing is the best way to learn.

To keep up to date in computer science you will also take courses that cover computer programming used to create chatbots such as Google Dialogflow and voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Cortana. To get a better understanding of the technology world, you’ll be able to create your own apps using Alexa.

This bundle of coding courses is valued at over PS1,594, but for a limited time, you can kickstart your career in computer science for only PS25.35.

Save 98% on the 2021 All-in-One Computer Science Certification Bundle

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Publiated at Mon, 16 August 2021 03:19:44 +0000

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