U.S. safety regulator launches investigation into Tesla After a collision with an emergency vehicle parked, autopilot will activate

U.S. regulators opened an investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driving assistance system. They cited 11 instances in which Tesla vehicles collided with parked vehicles responding to emergencies.

The Tesla vehicles involved in the collisions were confirmed to have either have had Autopilot or a feature called Traffic Aware Cruise Control engaged, according to investigation documents posted on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s website. The majority of these incidents occurred after dark, despite the presence of “scene control” measures such as road cones and emergency vehicle lights signalling drivers to switch lanes.

The document states that the investigation would examine the technology and methods used by the investigators to assess and assist the driver in engaging with Autopilot’s dynamic driving task.

This investigation includes approximately 765,000 Tesla models, including Model Y, Model X and Model S. One fatality was recorded and 17 were injured in the eleven fires or incidents. These incidents or fires occurred from January 2018 to July 2021.

NHTSA is the nation’s most important vehicle safety regulator. This isn’t the first time Tesla’s Autopilot came under scrutiny. The agency was tasked with investigating a 2016 fatal accident that led to a collision. However, the NHTSA found no fault for the incident. The Associated Press broke Monday’s story that the NHSTA had investigated 25 more crashes involving Tesla’s ADAS.

NHTSA issued a June order requiring automakers reporting crashes involving cars equipped with ADAS, Levels 3-5 or automated driving systems.

TechCrunch was informed Monday by a spokesperson for the agency that “NHTSA reminds people that there are no motor vehicles commercially available today which can drive themselves.”

TechCrunch reached out to Tesla for comments. If the company does respond, we will bring you the latest version of the story.

Publited at Mon, 16 August 2021 13:34.04 +0000

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