A Reporter Falsified Me After I Go Viral Article. This is What I Learned.

Publicity is not all good publicity.

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On May 28, 2021 I quit my job and shared the news in what would become a viral tweet. My story has been shared across various publications to promote happiness, mental health and avoiding toxic work environments. A reporter from a well-known newspaper contacted me to ask if I would be willing to do an interview. Based on conversations I had with the reporter, I was willing to agree. However, the final story wasn’t exactly what I expected.

It can be easy to accept every offer of a media interview as an opportunity to market your company in a world that is dominated by “social proof” and media coverage. As an entrepreneur, you can learn from my mistakes by prioritizing the following three items when managing your brand.

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Information accuracy

Regularly reviewing your credit reports is important. It’s also important to audit the online information about your company and you. Google Alerts are a way to do this. A daily Google search of my name will filter results for the past 24 hours. My brand name allows me to view what information has been shared. This includes articles I’ve written or podcasts I have been on.

Due diligence

In the world of digital media, there are many PR firms and publicists that pretend to be both. In reality, I receive regular emails asking me to confirm my “credibility” and be featured in a large publication. (Hint: True editorial is never for sale.)

As a contributing writer to many publications, one thing I have learned is that while features are great for social proof and can help you build thought leadership, telling your story and sharing your thoughts will make it more effective. If you are able to control the narrative, then most of the highly-coveted features will naturally occur. This is often due to the use of information that has been published. Before accepting the interview, I needed to research the newspaper’s history of provoking controversy. Also, I should have asked to see the final article before it was published so that I could be aware of the position my story would take in relation to the information I provided. Although many reporters will not agree, it is worth asking.

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Social proof can be used to generate more social proof

At the beginning of my career as a financial coach, speaker and financial educator, someone asked me, “What is your credibility?” My book and my TED Talk were my first pieces of credibility. This was a great way to leverage them into incredible opportunities after incredible opportunities. Many (non-paid features), podcast appearances, and written contributions to publications later, I am able to confidently answer this question by naming some of the most powerful brands and showing them work that I have done. Nothing will inspire you more confidence than that.

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