A trio of UK customers will soon receive an incredible boost Google

We all require more data storage, regardless of whether we need it to store important files or back up family photos. The latest Three deal is available. Three UK’s newest customer benefit will be a welcome bonus to those signing up for the mobile network’s smartphone and broadband deals.

Both new and existing customers will be able to sign up for 100GB of free Google One cloud storage. You will have access to additional storage in all Google products such as Google Drive, Google Photos and Google Mail.

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This extra storage is enough to hold 66 HD movies, 50,000 photos at high resolution, and 100,000 eBooks.

Google One supports backups of phone data, including contacts, WhatsApp messages, and history. Google One customers can take advantage of membership benefits such as Google Play credits or discounts on other products. We find this to be quite generous.

Customers on Pay Monthly Contracts can take advantage of this offer, as well as Pay As You Go mobile, home, and broadband customers.

There is however a catch. This deal is only available for three months. You’ll then be returned to the standard 15GB plan that is available to Google Drive and Google Photos customers. If you have exceeded the storage, you may need to delete the files.

Google allows you to keep your entire storage space after the trial, but only for a small fee. The 100GB plan costs PS1.59 per monthly, which isn’t bad at all. You’ll be charged the full rate if you do not cancel your trial. Your files won’t be deleted if you use all the storage. You can’t add new files to the storage without purchasing the same plan.

Three customers can head over to the signup page and enter your phone number to take advantage of the offer.

The deal was described by Three as follows: “With 15GB storage in your Google Account you have already, but for people who like to take photos and store them all together, Google One allows you to choose which files you want to keep. Every memory is saved .”

Three isn’t the only UK network giving out free goodies right now. EE recently announced it is adding Netflix to its Smart Benefits for customers on certain contracts. This is in addition to existing Apple Music and BT Sports bonuses.

O2 Bundles include Amazon Music and Prime Video subscriptions. Vodafone also offers discounted prices on local shops.

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