Afghanistan: Facebook bans Taliban-related posts Content

A Taliban fighter searches for a network signal for his mobile phone at a hospital

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Facebook says it has banned the Taliban and all content supporting it from its platforms as it considers the group to be a terrorist organisation.

According to the company, it employs a team of Afghan specialists to remove and monitor content that is linked to this group.

Social media has been used by the Taliban to communicate their messages for years.

Technology firms face new challenges in dealing with the content of this group’s fast takeover of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has been designated a terrorist group under US law. We have also banned them from our services according to our Dangerous Organization policies. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this means that accounts created by the Taliban or for them are removed and they can’t be praised, supported, or represented.” A Facebook spokesperson explained to the BBC.

They added that they also had a team of Afghanistan experts who speak Pashto and Dari, and are able to spot and alert them to any emerging problems on the platform.

According to the social media company, it doesn’t make decisions regarding the recognition of governments in countries but rather follows the authority of the international community.

Facebook stated that its policy covers all platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

There are also reports that Taliban use WhatsApp for communication.

Facebook informed the BBC it will take appropriate action against accounts found to have been linked to the group by using the app.

The handling of Taliban-related content by rival social media platforms has also been criticized.

As the organization regained control over Afghanistan, spokespersons used Twitter to keep in touch with their followers of hundreds of thousands.

A spokesperson for the company highlighted its policies against hateful behavior and violent organizations in response to BBC queries about Taliban use of Twitter.

Twitter prohibits groups from promoting terrorism and violence against civilians, according to its guidelines.

YouTube, Alphabet did not respond immediately to BBC’s request for comment regarding its policy in relation to Taliban.

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