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Cam Newton to start the Patriots’ season? Quarterback Non-answers on Week 1’s starting opportunities

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Cam Newton to start the Patriots' season? Quarterback
Non-answers on Week 1's starting opportunities

One wise man said, “Objects in mirrors are closer than their appearance.”

Mac Jones is currently second to Cam Newton in New England’s depth charts, but Newton may be looking back at camp and seeing where the rookie quarterback might be.

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Training camp reports — training camp, not to be confused — show that Jones and Newton are both in a much smaller gap than one might think. Newton’s recent vague messages suggest otherwise.

This is the most recent information on Newton’s Week 1 prospects:

Cam Newton to start the Patriots’ season?

Two words, “Who knows?” Cam Newton is as knowledgeable as Bill Belichick when it comes down to Week 1 starting lineups, if Cam Newton’s cryptic answers Monday were any indication.

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Newton stated Monday, “You are sure he didn’t say that.” Newton said Monday, “Everything you know about me is true.”

It’s safe to assume Newton will start but Jones has been putting in strong performances during training camp. Jones also had a good debut in the Patriots preseason match against the Washington Football Team.

However, Jones will need to be re-signed by the Patriots for Week 1, 2021 NFL season.

Newton’s First Law states that a body in motion stays in motion unless Bill Belichick stops it from moving. Oder something.

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