Changes that leave disabled drivers upset “very upset” them City centre is unable to be accessed

York Accessibility Action Group, YAA stated that “a large number of residents with invisible and visible disabilities” were affected by these changes. They criticized the council for wanting to ban “blanket restrictions”, which, according to campaigns, has resulted in “exclusion” and “discrimination”.

“The problem will be making this work,” a challenge that the Council seems to shy away from.

They prefer to ban all things, but they don’t realize that this is a bad idea. It leads to discrimination and exclusion in York which we witnessed since last summer.”

York Council stated that it had added disabled parking bays at the edges of its pedestrianization scheme in order to reduce the “impact on blue badge holders.”

After engaging with residents, York Council said that blue badge access has been restored to Derngate/College Green in the centre of York.

“The roads are rough with very few dropped kerbs, and there are now tables and chairs scattered over pavements and roads to add obstacles.”

City of York Council spokesperson said that “Engagement is key to this review. It involves disabled residents as well as other groups.”

“It was a great year of engagement that helped us to better understand the many access needs of disabled persons, including how to remove vehicles from them. This enabled us to make the city center more inclusive and resilient.”

We’ve restored blue badge access at Deangate and provided more blue badge parking. However, we are also looking into proposals that will improve accessibility to the city center for residents with disabilities.

This includes making our parking lots more accessible and adjusting the hours of our footstreets. It also considers access for people with disabilities who ride on bicycles. The Shopmobility service is also being reviewed.

These recommendations will be discussed before any decisions are made about permanent removal of blue-badge exemptions that allow access to footstreets.

We are grateful to York’s disabled residents for taking the time to fill out surveys and participate in these discussions. And we look forward to continuing this conversation to increase accessibility for York’s disabled citizens.

“City of York Council will speak with accessibility groups and hear the concerns raised about the Footstreets policy.

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