Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.3 Release Date, Patch Notes News and Free DLC

Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.3 finally launches on PC and consoles (Image: CD PROJEKT)

Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.3 is about to be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

A selection of DLC will be available in the upcoming update.

The free DLC is available from the main menu under Additional Content. It includes an alternate appearance for Johnny Silverhand.

The Multilayered Syn-Leather Deltajock Jacket (with Luminescent Punk Jacket) and the Archer Quartz “Bandit Vehicle are also available to fans.

After completing Ghost Town, you will receive a message from Dakota and Rogue.

If you still have not received the message from Dakota, please make arrangements to move farther away from his workshop in Badlands. Dakota may also require a few days to reach you.

This update fixes a variety of bugs and tweaks to gameplay, including improving the minimap zoom level and adding more autosave slot slots. It also makes it possible for crafting components to be upgraded in bulk.

CD Projekt also has a variety of console-specific solutions, including stopping NPCs speaking when they are killed and eliminating the save corruption glitch.

Below is a complete list of Cyberpunk 2077 patch notes for Cyberpunk 1.3.

Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.3 Patch Notes…


• Increased zooming level of the minimap when driving so it is more zoomed in and makes navigation easier.

* Automatic Love-screen with photos of Skye or Angel will appear longer making it more difficult to decide between them.

* A button has been added that allows you to change the allocation of Perk points in a character’s skill tree.

* Increased number of autosaves slots from 10-20 and quick saves, from 3-10 across all platforms.

* Additional Database Links to Journal Entry.

* A new accessibility option has been added for the center of screen dots overlay. This helps to reduce/prevent motion sickness. You can enable it in Settings – Interface – Centre of screen dot overlay.

* V will no longer be contacted by fixers to suggest a vehicle for sale.

Screen Space Reflections effects have been improved to look less grainy when used on consoles, and for lower quality visual settings on the computer.

* A filter has been added to the Backpack for quest items.

After completing associated quests have been completed, the Quest Item Tags for miscellaneous Jobs Items will be removed. You can now sell them or drop them.

* Now it is possible to use a mouse to turn V in the Inventory

* Now players will be allowed to create quickhacks even though they have previously done so.

* A comparison tooltip has been added for cyberware.

* An improved notification for cyberware purchases that do not meet the requirements to be equipped.

You can now upgrade your crafting parts in large quantities.

* New sleeping areas for Nibbles have been added to V’s apartment.

The icon on the disposal crate’s lid will turn red if a player takes up a body, instead of graying out.

After disarming the landmine, it will be greyed out.

* You can now use an elevator to transport a person’s body.

* Happy Together Barry has a new, unique look.

* The base item is now highlighted green, just like the other components when it’s used in crafting an identical item with a higher quality.

Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt reveal Xbox Series X gameplay


* The detection time of enemies is now dependent on the game difficulty. The enemy on Normal and Easy difficulty will detect you slower. The player will be detected faster by enemies on Very Hard difficulty.

* The “Alerted” status will make enemies on Very Hard difficulty more aggressive in their search for targets.

* NCPD won’t react or turn hostile to dead bodies from Open World activities.

* NCPD can now react to NPCs being hit with non-lethal weapons.

* Adjusted damage to crowd NPCs when they are shot while fighting, depending on the distance and weapon.

* (Don’t Fear The Reaper) — Adam Smasher’s behavior during fight has been improved.

* Play It Secure — Oda behaved better during fights

* Transmission — Improved Placide’s behaviour during fight.

* Transmission — Increased Placide’s hacking resistence

Cyberpsycho Sighting — Letter of the Law — Improved Cyberpsycho’s behavior during the fight

* Every Breath That You Take — Red Menace has repositioned and improved its aim.

* La Chingona Dorada, Jackie’s famous pistols, has seen an increase in stats

* The Rescue — Increased ammo supply at the start of the quest.

* Minor adjustments made to the Contagion Quickhack and improved balance.

• Improved Crafting system so items of random quality can be compared with the player’s Crafting skills — you cannot roll any quality higher than the applicable Crafting skill.

With each upgrade, the item’s level requirements will increase. This change will result in an adjustment to the level of all upgraded items. You can continue to use equipped items that exceed the requirements, but you will need to wait for the necessary level before they are available again.

* More crafting specifications for cyberware mods added.

* Additional crafting specifications for knives available from the beginning of the game

* Updated number of parts required for crafting certain items. * Updated the number of components required to craft some items, e.g. MaxDoc and Bounce Back.

* Balance of craft specs to make clothing mods.

• Balancing the amount of parts required for crafting clothing.

* Balancing the amount of parts required for crafting Sandevistan Fragments.

Ripperdocs will be selling optical camo cyberware.

* The Sensory Amplifier Cyberware Mod has been adjusted to reflect the current price.

* The Suspected Organized Crime Activity Tygers by Tail will no longer allow you to obtain the rare Unity crafting spec.

* Kerry’s guitar has been re-priced and is now available for purchase at Gig: Psychofan.

Cyberpunk update 1.3 patch notes (Image: CD PROJEKT)


* A problem was fixed where crafting specifications from clothing shops were not available until the vendor’s first visit.

* A problem that occurred following a visit to the Nomad Camp was fixed. This meant you were unable use weapons or quick menu items.

• Fixed an error that hacking of a neutral target was not counted toward the Christmas Tree Attack achievement.

* The “Unauthorized prompt” will not be displayed when tutorial windows regarding skill checks are shown on devices.

After using fast travel, V won’t look down.


* A bug was fixed that allowed multiple fixer debrief holocalls to play simultaneously, which could have prevented the completion of some gigs, such as Gig, A Lack of Empathy and Gig, Fixer, Merc Soldier, Spy. While we continue to work on visual problems related gigs that are stuck in the Journal’s, please note that these don’t stop district achievements being unlocked.

* Removing redundant items from the ferris wheel’s body.

* A problem was fixed where Quadra Type-66 might be destroyed prior to buying it. This would have prevented the progress of the “Buy Vehicle” quest from being completed and could also prevent the Autojock accomplishment from happening.

* Corrected an issue during a Wellsprings shootout where enemy were immortalized because of the trigger area being too small.


* The Inner Dead Zone setting is now available for the game menus.

After being killed, *[PlayStation] NPCs won’t be able to speak anymore

• Improved streaming city lights

* A save that is too large will not be overwritten.

The Hunt won’t allow masks or tubes to be hidden in the barn.

* Johnny will not be cut by Rogue and the glass will remain in Ghost Town.

* A problem in The Rescue was fixed. The NCPD officer who blocked progress by blocking a loading of a rescue in front the blockade caused the NCPD officer to not start dialogue.

* Corrected an issue with PS4 that prevented the scene with Judy in Pisces and Dolls from Pisces from starting properly.

* [Xbox] A Cool Metal Fire has been updated to fix an issue whereby a portion of Cassius Ryder’s clinic scene could have been cut after the fade out.

* A problem was fixed where weapons could not be assigned to the correct slot in the Backpack.

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