Elvis Week 2021: Watch Priscilla’s tribute speech to Graceland Candlelight Vigil


Elvis Week 2021: Watch Priscilla's tribute speech to Graceland Candlelight Vigil

Elvis Presley died 44 years ago on Monday and as usual, fans have been celebrating his legacy at Elvis Week, held at his home of Graceland. Fans walked by Elvis’ grave in Meditation Garden during the Graceland Candlelight Vigil. This is an annual tradition. Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife and music legend from 1967-1973, paid tribute during the speeches.

Late in August, Priscilla addressed the large crowd of Elvis fanatics gathered with candles.

According to the 76-year old, “It has been 44 years since Elvis died. It is hard for me still to believe.”

“I will never forget the phone call Joe Esposito made to me announcing that Elvis was dead.

“My knees shake, my heart is pounding, it’s unbelievable that Elvis could live, because everyone, including the boys, didn’t think Elvis would ever die. He was so big.

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Priscilla said, “He was what he was.” As you know, he was an entertainer.

Today is the 44th year. Looking out at all you faithful, seeing newcomers come in and experience Elvis. Young ones are spreading the gospel, not taking over.

It touches our hearts and is truly a special occasion.

Ex-wife of the King said that star was unique and when he entered a room, it was like “Woah!” “What just came in?”

Priscilla said, “I hope that you will be able to meet wonderful people. This is how it happens.” Elvis was always connected to his fans.

They were the first. He was made by them and never forgot it. He would be delighted to have you all join him on this hot, humid night.

Thank you for everything. “Thank you so much from the bottom my heart.

Elvis Presley, 42 years old, died upstairs at Graceland on August 16, 1977.

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