Fortnite now offers Impostors, which works just as well with Among. Use

Fortnite has a brand new game mode, called Impostors. It’s where players have to find out who is secretly conspiring against their team members. The bridge will be your challenge. You’ll be playing Fortnite Among Us.

Fortnite Imposters can be played by up to 10 players. Eight players play the roles of agents, while two other players work as clandestine impostors to try and kill everyone else. When there isn’t enough agent to vote them off of the bridge, the imposters win. Agents win by finding the impostors earlier or completing their tasks.

Agents are not only nervous about each other and suspicious of one another, but they also need to do mundane tasks such as calibrating llamas and fixing the Battle Bus. They must also deliver reports to the meteorology team on storms. An agent can summon an emergency meeting if they find a piece of information from an ex-colleague and teleport everyone to the bridge.

You can get in the mode for free. The trailer is available here:

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While it’s quite a lot like Among Us and other social deduction games, Fortnite Impostors adds a couple distinctively Fortnite-flavoured twists: for example, impostors can use the ‘Peely Party’ ability to temporarily make everyone look like Peely, in order to try to throw agents off their tail.

Instructions on how to create a group and start playing can be found over at Epic Games’ Fortnite newsroom.

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