France is ravaging near Saint Tropez. Are you looking for holidays? What are the consequences?

Many Brits love Saint Tropez as a holiday spot. France is now included on the UK’s Amber Travel List, so fully-vaccinated Britons are able to fly off without quarantine. However, holidaymakers’ plans may be in jeopardy as wildfires raging close to this destination could cause havoc.

Many were evacuated from Saint Tropez, a popular French tourist destination.

Today, the fire department of France sent in around 750 firefighters.

In an effort to contain the flames, aircraft were used to spray water on top of them.

It has been difficult to control the flames due to challenging weather conditions.

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This morning, the fire had burned more than 5 000 hectares.

Ms Vienco stated that the covered area was not too large, but the extent of the fire is still unknown.

What areas are most vulnerable to the blaze’s effects?

Var’s southern tourist area continues to be affected by the wildfire.

This region has seen many campsites evacuated.


Although Saint-Tropez, a Riviera resort town has not been affected by the virus, there are concerns that it may spread to other parts of the resort.

Gonfaron is about 30 miles west from Saint-Tropez.

Le Mole, along with certain areas surrounding Saint-Tropez has been evacuated.

The fires also affected areas closer to the coast, including Grimaud and La Croix Valmer.

As the flames are moving at such a rapid pace and French authorities trying to control it, it is hard to predict if they will reach Saint Tropez.

Ms Vienco stated that the fire was very large and spread at four kilometers per hour. It’s very hard to win.

“During the night, we were able to stop the fire reaching Garde-Freinet,” which is a small village located about 20 km from Saint-Tropez.

French officials are asking people not to get into the flames.

The French authorities have asked people not to travel to this area, but they aren’t prohibiting it.

You should keep an eye out for updates by the French authorities if you plan to visit this region.

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