Games with Gold September news after Microsoft unveils Xbox Game Pass plans

Microsoft has confirmed its plans to add six new titles to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service before making any announcements regarding Games with Gold in September.

According to reports, the tech company was considering discontinuing Xbox Live Gold and leaving Game Pass as the main product.

But, there is no confirmation from the government. It seems that Games with Gold will soon be announced for September 2021.

Microsoft shares Games with Gold lists near the end of every month. This makes August 30 an ideal date to announce the new information.

This means that the next game will not be announced this week and fans have to wait a while before they find out about Darksiders 3.

Xbox Game Pass has a fresh wave of content, and more are expected to arrive in September.

Today, the first title was made available on PC. Humankind is now available via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For those who subscribe to the highest tier of subscription services, three EA Games are now available through Cloud services.

These include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and Need for Speed Heat

Recompile, the next Xbox Series X game to be added to our library, will soon add another wave to the collection.

Recompile is a Metroidvania title that allows you to take command of semi-sapient programs fighting against deletion. Recompile is a hacking game set in the vast 3D environment of the Mainframe. It also features super-powered abilities and 3D platforming.

Full game description: “Many environmental elements, such as locked doors, forcefields or elevators, and even enemy-spawning systems, are powered by complex, interconnected logic gate circuitry.

Nothing is locked down, all systems are systemic and can be fully exploited. You can freely change logic gates (and have them reversed), so that puzzles and other dangerous obstacles can be safely and peacefully bypassed. You can even alter the programming of the residents to make them follow your commands.

Xbox Game Pass will release Recompile on August 19. It is the same date as Train Sim World 2 (and Twelve Minutes) make their debut.

Psychonauts 2 is the final game of the month for the Xbox One/X Series X. It was developed by Double Fine Productions and Xbox Game Studios, while Myst.

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