How to Use Yik Yak

Yik Yak is back after a four-year hiatus.

Yik Yak, a social media platform that uses location data to anonymously share information with users is controversial. Yik Yak, once a popular app, has been relaunched and its premise is the same.

Where is Yik Yak useful?

Yik Yak users post anonymous texts that often contain humor or are relatable. This is a bit like an anonymous Twitter, where humor comes from the common experience of being in one place. This can make it a great place for people to get together and discuss location-based issues. It can also cause serious problems.

Yik Yak is controversial

Brooks Buffington, Tyler Droll, and Brooks Buffington founded Yik Yak in 2013. It became very popular at high school and college campuses in 2014 and 2015. Yik Yak was shutdown in 2017 after losing popularity in 2016. There was a lot of bullying and harassment in the area. Due to the privacy policy of the app school administrators often were unable to track down the people behind the harassment unless it was a specific actionable threat.

Yik Yak who?

Yik Yak’s new owners seem to want to create a more positive environment for the app. Yik Yak’s website has “Community Guardrails,” Mental Health Resources, and Stay Safe Resources. However, the Yik Yak owners chose to return the anonymous app.

The new owners of Yik Yak posted the following message on its about page:

Yik Yak is now owned by us. In February 2021 we purchased rights to the redevelopment of Yik Yak’s app and have been trying to make it work ever since.

Yik Yak is being brought back by us because we feel the international community needs a space to express themselves, to be equal and to share our experiences with others.

Yik Yak is a safe place where bullying is not tolerated.

YikYak: How do you use it?

Yik Yak requires you to install the application on your iPhone. Mashable had some difficulties downloading Yik Yak. It currently won’t come up when you search it in the Apple App Store, so to download it just click this link here, which will bring you directly to the Apple App store. Yik Yak currently is available only for iOS and not on Android.

After you have downloaded the app, you will need to confirm that you are not a robot. You can also share your location with Yik Yak. This is an unfortunate part of the app.

There are two feeds available when you open the app. When you open Yik Yak, the default feed is the “New” one. The New feed organizes posts (called “yaks”) in chronological order. You can access the other feed by clicking the “Hot” icon in the upper middle of your screen. You can sort the Hot feed by your popularity in the last 24 hours.

Tap “Hot” to go to the Hot feed.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

You can vote for yaks by clicking the up-facing arrow beside the yak. Upvoting a yak makes it more popular. You can also downvote a yak by clicking the downward facing arrow beside it. A yak with a score below -5 will be deleted from all feeds.

Click the comment icon below a Yik Yak posting to leave a comment.

Tap the green pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen to post your yak. Type your message. Once you are done, click the green pencil icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and type in your message.

Tap the green icon to post your own yak.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

To find out more about Yik Yak or to view “Nationwide Top Yaks”, tap the gray grid at the bottom right.

Tap the gray grid to access more on the app.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

What is the distance between local yaks and their neighbors? What’s a herd?

Yik Yak users within 5 miles of your yak are able to see it. Your “herd” is the users in your 5 mile radius.

Which are the top and most popular yaks in America?

The top-ranked yaks nationally are those that have the highest popularity in your area. You can comment and upvote on those yaks even if you aren’t in their same area, but not downvote.

Hot yaks in the nation are those yaks which are trending and popular within 24 hours of their origin. You can comment and upvote on them just like you can with the nationwide top yaks, but not downvote.

For what purpose is Yik Yak’s bullhorn? __S.69__

You can access your notifications by clicking the bullhorn icon at the top left. Notifications will be sent if your yak has been upvoted, or when someone makes a comment on it.

Tap the bullhorn icon to access your notifications.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

What’s Yakarma?

You’ll find your Yakarma in the upper left hand corner. These are fake internet points that you earn for participating on Yik Yak. Points can be earned for commenting on your comments and yakking. You are the only one who can see your yakarama and start with 100 points.

Report a Yak on Yik Yak

Tap the three grey dots located below the downvote button to report yaks. Yik yak recommends downvoting the yak before reporting it.

Tap the three gray dots to report a Yik Yak.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

Can Yik Yak censor swear words?

First, tap on the gray grid icon in the lower left corner of the feed to censor swearing and cuss words. Next, tap the “More Options”, which can be found at the bottom. To censor swearing, tap on the circle in white next to “Cuss Buster”. Tap “Turn on” to confirm that you wish it to be turned on.

Tap “Turn On” to confirm you want to censor swearing on Yik Yak.
Credit: screenshot: yik yak

How can you delete your Yik Yak account?

You cannot delete Yik Yak accounts per se, however you can delete all data that is linked to you activity. Tap “More Options” to delete all of your data. Next, select “Delete all your data.” You can then delete your comments, yaks and your score in yakarma.

You will need to prove that you are not a robot in order to use the app again.

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