If you make a decision to delete WhatsApp, your account will remain BLOCKED permanently This app can be used

WhatsApp is warning users against using an unofficial version to access some new features. WhatsApp has a lot of great features. It uses end-to-end encryption by default to protect your messages from prying eyes. However, the app also includes useful features such as voice memos, video calls, and voice memos. But it still lacks some of the more advanced features that you will find on other services.

Unofficial WhatsApp versions have been created by a variety of developers to make up for the shortfall. These chat apps allow you to import your contacts and chats into them, which unlocks additional functionality while keeping your chat history intact. This is much better than switching to Telegram or another service like WhatsApp, as they might not be used the same way.

WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial messaging app that adds additional features to Facebook’s messaging app, is WhatsApp Plus.

This app allows WhatsApp users the ability to set up text messaging and to create auto-replies. You can also send multiple photos at once, schedule messages, or turn off blue-tick read receipts. It is possible to check if your recipients read your messages.

These extra features may sound appealing, but they are really too risky.

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WhatsApp will permanently ban anyone caught using WhatsApp Plus or other third-party versions of WhatApp. It is true.

WhatsApp states that “unsupported apps” such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp or any apps that can move WhatsApp conversations between devices are modified versions of WhatsApp. Third parties have created these unofficial apps and they violate our Terms of Service.

WhatsApp is so stringent about this. The Facebook-owned firm claims that they can’t verify their security practices.

These apps may be reading messages and introducing ads to make money for developers. Bad actors could sneak malware in to these apps by using third-party developers.

WhatsApp Plus is not available on the Google Play Store. Android phone owners will need to search for “WhatsApp Plus”, from non-official repositories on the internet. To download the app from the internet, you will need to deactivate some safeguards that Android defaults to.

Apple does not allow iPhone users to download any software other than from the App Store. There is no way that the company will let an unofficial WhatsApp version into its online store. iPhone owners do not need to be concerned about this latest WhatsApp warning.

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