Limited production of 1,578bhp Bugatti Bolide is being planned run

Bugatti’s Bolide hypercar prototype was unveiled last year. The Bolide was a project to see how fast the brand’s W16 engine of 8.0 litres could drive a car without the Chiron’s luxury features. Now Bugatti confirms that it will be produced in limited quantities.

Bolide Bugatti created a lightweight carbon fiber body with 1,825 bhp. The engine was equipped with larger turbochargers, remapping and increased fuel economy. It was claimed that the engine could reach speeds of 0-311 mph in just twenty seconds.

Bugatti announced that 40 Bolide production-spec Bolide models will be built as part of the Monterey Car Week announcement. The hypercar is currently being developed, and Bugatti plans to begin deliveries by 2024. The prices will be around EUR4million (or PS3.3 million).

Although the Bolide limited edition looks nearly identical to the original concept, the Bolide has undergone major mechanical modifications. Bugatti has reduced the power output of the Bolide concept to 1,578 bhp, the same as in the Chiron Super Sport.

Fuel availability is the reason, according to the company. Although the Bolide concept is designed for 110 octane racing gasoline, production models will be able to use regular superunleaded 98 octane petrol, which can also be purchased at many stations around the world.

Bugatti made many modifications to the engine in order to ensure it is able to withstand the punishing conditions of racing. Bugatti has also updated the cooling system and modified the intake/exhaust systems to increase performance.

It will be slightly heavier than the prototype. Bugatti claims it will weigh in at 1,450kg. This is half the weight of the Chiron and around 100kg less than that of the Bolide. It produces 1,088 bhp/ton of power.

Bugatti engineers worked hard to ensure that the Bolide meets international FIA safety standards. This required a number of new components. The Bolide is compatible now with HANS devices and the cabin has an automatic fire extinguisher.

Although we haven’t yet seen the Bolide’s production-ready interior, it looks like a race-ready vehicle. It will feature a minimal dashboard, bucket-seat-bolstered seats and a slimmed-down steering wheel.

Bugatti has not yet revealed how much Bolide production-spec downforce will produce. The brand only revealed that it was designed to generate maximum downforce.

Engineers from the brand have made some adjustments to the aerodynamic shapes of key parts on the hypercar. A pair of new front bumper winglets have been added, and the original V-shaped spoiler has been replaced with a flat one. However, the stabilizing fin that covers the engine has been retained.

Bolide’s front splitter generates up to 800kg at 200 mph. Another 1,800kg is added by the massive wing.

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