Live alerts for PS5 UK stock drop: GAME date and time, Currys Warnings, Smyths Drop


Live alerts for PS5 UK stock drop: GAME date and time, Currys Warnings, Smyths Drop

It’s going to be a big week for PS5 customers, as multiple stock drops take place in the UK.

Smyths currently stocks the PlayStation 5 in both store and online. Although stock is not likely to last long on the website, it’s still worth checking with your local shop to find out if there are any available consoles.

GAME will restock the PS5 this week, in addition to Smyths.

GAME, according to the reliable PS5 UK Stock account says that the PlayStation 5 will be restocked on August 18th or August 19th.

GAME has just extended the #PS5 stock delivery date to 27 August. “Originally scheduled for the 20th of August, we had expected that the drop would go live today,” shared a tweet.

We now focus on 18-19th to see if these will go on sale.

GAME stocks usually drop between 9-11 AM BST. Make sure you have the refresh button handy in case of an imminent stock loss.

Express Online will, of course, keep this article up-to-date with any new developments.

A final warning to Currys PC World customers. Today is the last day you can redeem your code at Currys PC World if you have received an email VIP to buy a console.

If you already have a code you can locate the nearest store. You’ll need to go in person by August 17th.

Show staff your code when you get to the store and choose a bundle that interests you. Once you have paid for the PS5 bundle, staff members will inform you when it will arrive.

It’s then as simple as showing up to collect your new PlayStation 5 console once you receive the call.

If you want to get your own PS5 VIP Pass directly from the retailer, then you’ll need to visit the Currys website and sign up for a chance to buy a PS5 in the future.

While sign-ups are currently closed, there’s a chance they’ll re-open in the future, so keep an eye on the PS5 hub at Currys.

You can also contact local shops to inquire about restocking or cancelling orders.

It’s worth bookmarking some stock checking accounts that are popular, other than Currys for more information and alerts.

These include Digital Foundry Deals and Stock Informer.

Some accounts have Discord groups available for PS5 customers. Others have alerts and live streaming on websites like YouTube.

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