Mortal Shell Steam Steam launch date, Virtuous Cycle DLC Launch

Mortal Shell Steam Steam launch date, Virtuous Cycle DLC Launch

Mortal Shell Steam Steam launch date, Virtuous Cycle DLC Launch

Cold Symmetry, a developer who spent over a year on Epic Games Store, has now confirmed the Mortal Shell project will be coming to Steam.

Mortal Shell will arrive on Valve’s platform this week for the first-time, along with the latest DLC.

The Virtuous Cycle DLC will alter the existing formula and introduce roguelike elements to the Mortal Shell experience.

You can play the game in different modes with the new mode. No two runs will be the same.

Upgrade pillars distributed throughout Fallgrim will offer combat discipline, which includes more than 100 enhancements, as well as exotic weapon enhancements.

As part of the Virtuous Cycle’s next Shell, Hadern will also be launching. Hadern is now the fifth Mortal Shell possessable Shell.

Hadern can be played in Mortal Shell’s main campaign as well as The Virtuous Cycle. It offers unique skill trees and unlocks a whole new realm of innate talents.


The latest Steam news has revealed that the Mortal Shell release is scheduled for Wednesday, August 18 at 2 PM BST.

It is still a predicted launch window. This could change as we near the release date.

The team also shared a huge incentive, which was that they could unlock Virtuous Cycle DLC free of charge for a short period.

The expansion will not be extra-charged to those who purchase Mortal Shell or the DLC before August 18.

The Mortal Shell team sent this message: We’ve thought a lot about what we could do to thank our amazing community for their support. And we believe we have found the right way to show our gratitude.

You can keep the Virtuous Cycle expansion for free. It’s free to download as long as it is downloaded within the five-day period between August 18-August 22.

It will then revert to the MSRP of $7.99/EUR6.99/PS6.99. To access the Virtuous Cycle, you will also require Mortal Shell to be installed.

We hope that you love The Virtuous Cycle. It transforms Mortal Shell into an exciting and merciless roguelike with over 125 abilities. You can finally possess Hadern and command the Axatana, a powerful transforming weapon.

You will need to navigate a constantly changing world that is not the same for every playthrough. You can create your own fighting style using more than 100 upgrades. Hadern is a formidable and familiar foe. This once-elusive Shell can help you discover your true potential. The Axatana, Fallgrim’s most revered weapon, has been created. The Axatana is a two-bladed manipulable hilt that transforms combat.

Mortal Shell is already available for purchase on many platforms, such as Xbox and PlayStation.

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