Pete Best, The Beatles: Pete Best ‘didn’t get along’ with the other Fab Four

On August 16, 1962 Pete Best was asked by The Beatles‘ manager, Brian Epstein, to leave the band. Shortly after Best was sacked, they hired Ringo Starr, completing the legendary line-up of the Fab Four fans know and love today. Although Best’s dismissal was a difficult decision, it wasn’t unexpected.

Starr’s biography, Ringo: with a little help – Michael Seth Starr (no relationship) revealed that “His personality gradually drove a wedge among Pete and his fellow Beatles.

“Best was distant and moody, and didn’t share the same senses of humor as his Beatle brothers. He kept to himself more after shows than he did bantering with the men.” (sic).

Best’s distance from the rest of his band might have been the last nail in the coffin of the drummer.

Paul McCartney was even quoted in saying Best was “different” to thd rest of the band.

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McCartney said that Pete was not like any of the others. Pete seemed a bit more sensible than the rest of us.

He was a little different to us. We just couldn’t get along that well.”

Although Best was ultimately expelled from the group, Beatles fans weren’t too pleased.

Starr was not welcomed by the Liverpudlian drummer, who had quite the following in his home town.

Seth Starr said: “Pete was an immensely popular Beatle.

“Even though his former band mates had doubts about Pete’s drumming abilities and personality, his female fans loved Pete’s brooding looks.”

Ringo said: “There wereriots!” Pete was a huge fan, and I’d been around for many years in Liverpool so I also had an audience.

So there was this shouting match: “Ringo never. Peter forever” and “Pete ever. Ringo forever.” This whole fight was going on and I just wanted to get out of it.

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Ringo also said: “Pete Best?” It’s not an offense, but it never occurred to me that he was a great drummer. (Via Culture Sonar).

Years later, in The Beatles: Anthology John Lennon spoke candidly about making the decision to axe Best from the line-up.

Surprisingly, however, he did show some regret for doing it.

He stated that he was cowardly when he was fired. We made Brian do it.”

McCartney expressed his regret by saying that he was guilty of the wrongs he did.

George Harrison later added: “We weren’t very good at telling Pete he had to go.

It may appear that Pete was hurt by our actions, but it could be that it was something we could have done better.


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