Release time for Humankind: When will Humankind be available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass?

UPDATEThe development team has not yet announced a release schedule for Humankind. However, it is listed as launching at 4 p.m. BST on Steam Store. This would be in line with other launches.

Humankind didn’t arrive on Xbox Game Pass until midnight. This suggests that it may have launched around the same time other PC platforms.

Original:This week, Humankind takes on Civilization the strategist titan. It has an unlocked release date for Steam and launch time.

The good news? Xbox Game Pass will also include Humankind, so anyone with an active subscription can join the fun on release day.

Humankind, a strategy game for 4X from Sega and Amplitude Studios that allows you to rewrite the history of humanity is an excellent choice.

This means that you have to create and guide a civilisation from the Neolithic Era through the future, while fighting rivals in tactical fights.

Gamers can combine sixty historical cultures, from Ancient to Modern Era. You’ll be able add new combinations each time you play a game.

You will need to make moral decisions and achieve achievements to shape your society further.

Your main objective is to make your name famous through all you do. This will allow you to win the final game and be a part of history.

You can read the full Humankind description to see more details about what you can accomplish. The game will be won by the player who has the greatest fame.

Face historical events and take morally responsible decisions to make science breakthroughs. Explore the amazing natural wonders and build remarkable human creations.

You can improve your tactical skills through mastering the elevation of terrain with urban-building and tactical battles. For a multi-terrain war, call on reinforcements.


SEGA has just announced that the Humankind Steam release is scheduled for August 17, at 5 pm BST.

The following is an estimate based upon the Valve countdown timestamp found on Steam’s official Steam page. It’s possible that this will change prior to launch but it appears unlikely.

Microsoft also revealed that Humankind would be accessible via Xbox Game Pass starting August 17.

XGP has not been launched at a specific time, but Microsoft shared the most recent news:

“Many of your eyes were able to see the gameplay in the closed beta. I am excited to share that Humankind, the 4X strategy video game by Sega and Amplitude Studios, will now be available for purchase on PC with Xbox Game Pass on August 17.

Humankind can be described as a combination of history, culture and values. This allows you to build a civilization as individual as yourself. As you strive to make the greatest impact on the world, you’ll be writing the history of humanity (….

Based on past releases, it’s not certain that Humankind will be accessible earlier on Xbox Game Pass than on Steam. However, it’s worth checking the official app every hour from midnight.

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