SBA provides $2.7 million in funding for women-owned businesses There are 13 states with centers

A strong support network is a great idea for female entrepreneurs who are struggling to maintain their business due to Covid, or just starting out.

U.S. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), announced this week that it has selected 14 institutions to receive $2.7 million of grant funding. This will support the development and growth of small businesses. The fund will be divided into $200,000 pieces and used to finance the programs of 13 women’s business centers (WBCs).

While the money won’t go directly to small businesses, it is intended to improve service delivery, training, and support provided to women-owned businesses impacted by Covid-19–particularly those located in small, diverse, and rural communities.

From a network of 136 centres, 14 WBCs were chosen. They were evaluated for their ability to meet the needs of female business owners who have been adversely affected. SBA noted that selected business centers were required to offer counseling, financial and technical skill development as well as mentoring to women who are interested in starting or growing their small businesses.

Here is a listing of WBCs which have been funded:

  • CWE Eastern Massachusetts — Women’s Business Center Boston, MA
  • Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Women’s Business Center Chatham, NJ
  • WISE Women’s Business Center Syracuse, NY
  • Chatham University’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship Women’s Business Center in Pittsburgh, PA
  • WeVENTURE Women’s Business Center, Florida Tech Bisk College of Business Melbourne, FL
  • Columbia, SC: Benedict College Women’s Business Center
  • Fort Wayne, IN: Women’s Business Center of WEOC, Fort Wayne
  • WomenVenture WBC Minneapolis, MN
  • Albuquerque Women’s Business Center Albuquerque (NM)
  • Arkansas Women’s Business Center in Little Rock AR
  • Mi Casa Women’s Business Center in Denver, CO
  • California Capital Women’s Business Center Sacramento, CA
  • Women’s Economic Ventures Women’s Business Center Santa Barbara, CA
  • Idaho Women’s Business Center – Twin Falls, Twin Falls (ID)

For more information about funding opportunities and available resources, please contact the local SBA or Business Inprovement Districts (BID) office.

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