Sonos may be planning one of its biggest shifts Speakers in Years

According to Sonos’ new survey, the company could build its own assistant that is hands-free to compete with Alexa and Siri. A Sonos customer shared the survey on Reddit and described an on-device voice command system. It would store all data from voice commands.

Sonos claims that this will improve privacy as voice and question commands won’t be sent through the cloud. Sonos suggests that the “potentially new product offering” will be managed with the wake phrase, “Hey Sonos”. Voice assistants all rely on the activation of a wake phrase.

It acts as an “On” button. This tells the assistant to act on any phrase that follows it. Your voice won’t be transmitted to the cloud if you don’t include that phrase.

Sonos voice assistant is said to allow you to control your playback, including pausing, playing songs, searching through your library, and moving music around in the house.

According to the survey, Sonos’s new assistant is faster than its predecessor because it processes everything directly on-device and does not rely on an internet connection or send queries to a server. We’ve witnessed this technique used by a variety of companies including Google to speed up its assistant.

When approached about the authenticity of the survey – and whether it means Sonos customers can expect to see a new voice assistant appear in their app soon, a spokesperson for Sonos told The Verge: “We regularly put product and experience concepts in front of our customers to better understand what is important to them. At this point, we don’t have any further information.

Sonos customers have the option to choose from Alexa or Google Assistant. This AI-powered assistant can request music, view the weather and order take-out.

A Sonos system’s greatest selling point is its ability to quickly switch between large, hands-free assistants. This compares with Nest Audio and Amazon Echo. The relationship between Sonos & Google has become a bit stale due to ongoing litigation over Sonos’ claims that Google stole its multi-room audio technology. This was in response to a 2013 partnership.

Sonos claims it warned Google repeatedly that the Chromecast and Google Home speakers violated its patents. However, the California-based search company failed to act on the warnings.

Sonos bought AI platform Snips in 2019 so that it is possible that an assistant without a human being has been working on this project for more than two years. It’s possible that Sonos could launch an alternative to Alexa or Google Assistant.

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