The new E10 fuel modifications could “degrade” classic cars, and make them “dry.” Rubber seals

Lights Up Lights Down, a YouTube mechanic claims that the new petrol “causes cracking” as well as “leads to brittle behavior on older seals”. This was due to the ethanol’s damaging properties, which are known to cause damage to rubber and metal.

He stated that this already occurs with petrol as it is a chemical and material which can be very harsh.

You don’t need to do more than what you already are doing for fuel system maintenance.

Ollie warned that corrosion rates in cars wouldn’t be nearly as severe as some had claimed.

According to him, corrosion rates in cars using E40 or E60 fuel are very low so E10 is recommended for regular drivers.

Drivers who use the wrong fuel to fill up their vehicles could have their metal, seals, and plastic damaged.

This was due to the “corrosive” properties of bioethanol, according to the RAC.

According to them, owners of vehicles registered prior 2002 must not use E10 in their cars as there have been problems reported by owners of older cars.

Publiated at Tue 17 August 2021 20.53:11 +0000

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